Moondogs Blues Party

Moondogs Blues Party

 A Coruña, Galicia, ESP

Behind MDB there is no a great practise, nor eternal recordings, everything sounds like the first time which is played. It not looks for a modern musical sophistication. It´s something fresh and natural which could not be repeated. It´s almost a religion where Thelonius Monk is the priest.


If we look for the things origin, the roots we´ll be able to find that the ones who carry it out has to have a motivation, higher or lower, everything depends on what you try to get and oh which is our objective, in this case Moondogs Blues Party does not born out of a great ambition bigger than he one you can find with own masturbation, it means, it has a point of curiousness and intimism at the same time, of mere pleasure (selfish pleasure) and about all of searching, of inherent curiosity in dynamic spirit of one that composes its songs.

Moondogs Blues Party lyrics talks about a constant search, a walk without a rest, lost trains and loves that won´t return, pass through life, society, sex, evils agreement, death or slavery.

Moondogs Blues Partys record “O cadelo lunático” (Lunatic dog) it´s a loneliness proyect of the galician music Javier Prado. It born November 2006 protected for a Creative Commons licence. From this moment Javier was building a band and in January 2007 the band was working. Nowadays it is composed of Javier Prado (guitar and vocal), Kevin Traba (drums), Javier Campello (guitar and vocal), Iria Novo (bass guitar), Klaus Martin (trumpet), Fernando Raño (trombone) y Alicia Valle (flute).

During this year the spanish daily “El País” has given this record “O cadelo lunático” (Lunatic dog) the prize “Talentosos 2007” (Talented 2007) chose among more than 1.800 participants and priced with 10.000 euros.

In this moment Moondogs Blues Party is working in the recording of a videoclip for Childhood Soul theme and in their second record.


Walking night in Mississippi

Written By: Javier Prado

Walking night in Mississippi.
I wanna come back home of my soul.
Smoking on the river like Willie Johnson do.
I wanna come back home of my soul.
Walking and smoking in Mississippi.
I wanna come back home of my soul.

Childhood Soul

Written By: Javier Prado

When I was only six years old my mama told me “I gave you a soul”
If you feel unhappy she will be a good friend
Treat her well and never forget:

She doesn´t like be a slave
I never gonna be your slave. Cause she doesn´t like

I got a chilhood soul. I got a black cat bone
I got a mojo tooth. I got the John the Conqueroo
With my childhood soul. I´m gonna make you girls
Lead me by my hand. I´ll show what´s a man

A man couldn´t be a slave
Hey look baby here I am I´m a man
I´m a man I´m a man
I´m a free man I´m a free
I´m a free man


O cadelo lunático ( Lunatic dog) themes
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Set List

1. Funky Nassau
2. Out of here
3. No chance
4. Crossroads Blues
5. Walking night in Mississippi
6. Loveless boy
7. Jockey full of bourbon
8. Childhood Soul
9. Moondance
10. Blues after dead
11. As the years go passing by
12. Breakfast blues
13. Unsatisfied Blues
14. Mystery train
15. Lay down human! Get up warrior!
16. Hoochie coochie man
17. Sunshine of your love