Moondog Trio

Moondog Trio

 Brattleboro, Vermont, USA

"Each song is so don't know if it's Gypsy, Brazilian or French Cafe. It's a new type of classical folk music, a universal one which embraces the world of instrumental music entirely."
--Susan Hansen


However the repertoire is defined, Moondog Trio has gained a reputation for high-quality music performed in a deceptively easy-going style. It's not rootsy New England, whatever that means, nor is it folk or jazz. Simply and clearly said, it's original.
Dante Corsano has developed a unique finger-picking style on his gently-amped acoustic guitar. He's also the chief composer while, Miamon Miller, on exquisite violin, fleshes out the melodies. They constantly tinker and polish their tunes making sure to leave room for improvisation too.
Den Poitras was the last one to join the trio bringing his one-of-a-kind, one-string bass into it all. He calls it the "street-bass". Instead of a metal washtub he uses a 22" bass-drum; instead of a broomstick he uses a specially designed neck; instead of a clothesline he uses a Celtic-harp bass-string. The resulting soft, fat tone is surprisingly accurate and sounds a lot like a stand-up bass, only more funky and fun like a tuba.
Moondog Trio plays original instrumental music that is upbeat, evocative, sometimes introspective and always entertaining.


SLOW BONES is the name of the Moondog Trio's first CD. It's got 15 original tunes on it. Samples from the album can be heard by going to:
Times Argus (in Vermont) music critic, Art Edelstein, after reviewing it said: "To this point Moondog Trio has confined its playing to southeastern Vermont. On the strength of this first album, one would hope that these fine musicians, whose music is refreshingly different and mature, would venture out into different areas so more folks could hear them."