Paris, Île-de-France, FRA

pink tequila acoustic and electric thunder harmonies from country and rock'n roll heaven


Coming down from the moon in his space ship, Moonengineer has landed in the Tucson Arizonian desert with emptied batteries. His electronics could not function anymore without the earthly fuel needed in order to take off again and fly back home. He found a guitar and started singing to reach out to the universe's main fuel: LOVE

While fighting his lonely way through the magnetic desert he had the godly insight to stop at a mexican beer joint where he, by a surreal twist of fate, ran into two of the most genuine dropouts you could dream of east of the Rillito river: Guitar wizard Eat Gas and Enlightened Old Timer Edith Progue with whom he shared sensitive abilities and the love of experience and got extremely drunk on cheap tequila. 

Edith has spent a long journey in the realm of sounds and crystal clear melodies
Eat Gas has made a 50 year jump in time and space bringing with him a high skill in the handling of electricity and its waves through dry wood.

Together they are the lazy bastards for the diverted consideration of stoned friends

Moonengineer and Lazy bastards


1- It's coming my way: France Inter - Electrons Libres / Compilation French Zone Volume 1
2- Nobody knows: Compilation French Zone Volume 2
3- Love who you are: France Inter - Electrons Libres

Album to be released soon

album soon to be released

Set List

it's coming my way
lords and kings
how can i ?
it's over
lions dreams
love who you are
nobody knows
no matter how i try
i am who i am
here and now
no hope no fear
don't want to listen
i cry for you

don't let it bring you down / Neil Young
The Cross / Prince

either 2 sets of 50 minutes with one set acoustic

or 1 set of 1 h15