60618, Illinois, USA

Guitar. Guitar. Guitar.


Mooner plays power pop for the 21st century. Their relentless double guitar attack and deceptively simple songwriting bear aloft the joys and pains of love, television, politics, and other detritus of modern Midwestern life. Mooner recently released their new single: the Elvis Costello-indebted “Making Americans” paired with the guitar ballad “Down on Marston Blues.” Recorded on a hot Chicago weekend by Mike Hagler (Wilco, Neko Case, Mekons) at his storied studio Kingsize Sound Labs, the band captured their performance live with minimal overdubs in a massive live room: a former paper press and warehouse.

The group has been featured on the airwaves via XRT and Fearless Radio, collaborated on compilations with Kimya Dawson and Andrew Jackson Jihad, and played to fans at Chicago venues like Lincoln Hall, The Hideout, Schubas and Cole’s as well as others across the Midwest.  Mooner consists of singer/songwriter Lee Ketch, drummer Adam Bonich, guitarist John Gargiulo, bassist Taylor Briggs and keyboardist Steve Slagg. They will be releasing their debut album in 2015.


EP - 2010
Nude Barmados EP - 2009

Set List

Rob Myself
Shape Shifter
Alternate Universe of Love
Excitable Boy
Giant Sand
Solitary Confinement
Daytime Television Revolutionary

Set list approx. 35 minutes.