Moonfleet is an original indie band that harnesses a versatile sound with influences including pop/rock, vintage soul, jam band, and americana. Moonfleet is a refreshing modern take on vintage American pop.


Moonfleet plays an eclectic, all-original mix of improvisational jam rock, americana, funk and blues. Since forming during the fall of 2006, Moonfleet performed at numerous engagements in Oregon and the Pacific-Northwest. With influences ranging from vintage rock groups like The Grateful Dead, Allman Brothers Band, and the Beatles to modern sensations like Wilco, Beck, and Umphrey's McGee. Moonfleet appeals to a multi-generational audience including fans of jamband, indie, rock/blues, and alt-americana music. Take a listen to Moonfleet and experience a refreshing take on pop/rock music featuring catchy originals, engaging musicianship, and improvisational exploration.


2007 - Demo
2008 - Marvel (EP)
2008 (TBA) - Apple Earth (LP)

Set List

Moonfleet typically plays either one 2-hour set or two 1 1/2-hour sets.

Original songs: Tall Man, Apple Earth, Marvel, Taxi Driver, Puzzle, Time Equals Zero, She Makes Me Blue, For All Who Wander, Lady Dawn, See to Believe, Small Words, Feather of a Dream, Saturday Night, Sierra, Blues for Neverland. New songs are composed on an almost regular basis.

Moonfleet performs choice cover songs from a variety of bands including: Wilco, Beck, Grateful Dead, Phish, Stevie Wonder, Hot Tuna, and a variety of others.