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New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF

New Orleans, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock




"Pentagram Spreads Evil Over New Orleans"

For a musical interlude, two beautiful women put on a different kind of show for the crowd. Moonhoar bellydance to black metal and do an amazing job. Slowly and mysteriously they graced the stage in their full-length capes, then slowly revealed their scant and bejeweled costumes filled with coins that made a flurry of noise as they danced. They wound and quickly jiggled their hips to only the bleakest and darkest of black metal that was infused with moments of eastern music. - Metal Underground

"Burn The Throne Festival Destroys Hammond, LA"

The metal belly dancing queens Moonhoar performed a set to the tune of Acidbath’s “The Mortician’s Wife.” The pair wore clothing and masks inspired by notorious serial killer Jack the Ripper. The piece also included saws spraying the crowd with sparks and an electrocution. - Metal Underground

"Extreme Dancing !"

French to English translation: "After 'The Voice' Gothic version of yesterday with FORTIS NATURA and singer Petra Krejcarova (aka Carpathian Goddes), up to the belly dance metal?
MOONHOAR is one of the "belly dancers metal" formed in 2009 in New Orleans in the USA by Hairy Beast and The Destroyer Warta.
You can find videos of the duo's live performance on titles with metal." -

"Insólito - Moonhoar - Duo de bailarinas funde dança do ventre com metal"

Portuguese to English translation: "It is certainly the strangest things that lovers of metal have ever seen. Hilarious too, why not say it, because the speech of their authors this is not to take too seriously.

However, honor the originality, the Moonhoar are a female duo from New Orleans, USA, who says he created the metal bellydance, a fusion of belly dance with metal.

In his biography reads: "We mixed various forms of belly dance with our own dances, so mix them with our favorite music ... metal."

The ballerinas The Hairy Beast and The Destroyer Warta still based her choreography on dark themes of history, mythology and the occult.

Sarcastically say "spend their lives drinking and trying to figure out how to dance to the sound of metal." Offer is also for "performances at funerals," since "do not do restaurants."

Ready to see how they dance to the sound of the Nile, Cradle of Filth, Acid Bath, Burzum and Gorgoroth?"
- Soundzone Magazine

"Raise The Dead IV"

As you prepare for the show, please show up early so that you can also see the wickedly spiritual and astral enchanting Moonhoar, belly dancing that will indulge the hypnotic and entertain the living or the dead. - New Orleans

"Metal Bellydance Duo MOONHOAR: 'We Don't Do Restaurants, But We Will Do Funerals!'"

MOONHOAR is a metal bellydance duo featuring Hairy The Beast and Warta The Destroyer. Formed in New Orleans, MOONHOAR fuses various styles of bellydance with their own experimental moves to one of the most intricate and heavy music genres... metal. All of their pieces are based on dark themes found in history, mythology, or the occult. They state, "We don't do restaurants, but we will do funerals!' -


Since we are not a band, this is a list of our current choreographies and the corresponding artist for the music selection.

"Egyptian Ceremony of the Dead"- Nile
"The Mortician's Flame/Dope Fiend"- Acid Bath
"Temple of Baal"- Dimmu Borgir
"Crowley's Invocation"- Cradle of Filth, Gorgoroth, Burzum
"Dead by Dawn"- Emperor, Nile, Deicide
"Lamb of God"- Lamb of God, Acid Bath, more Lamb of God



Moonhoar is a theatrical bellydance group from New Orleans featuring Hairy the Beast, Warta the Destroyer, and Gina Kaos Kennedy. Moonhoar fuses various styles of bellydance with experimental movement and modern dance to a selection of avant garde music and concepts. Moonhoar's storytelling comes to life through dance, performance art, elaborate hand-made costumes, and visual media. The tales they tell spread from whimsical fantasies to the psychotic and morbid.

Hire Moonhoar and your event is sure to be a memorable one! Moonhoar is an exciting, one of a kind act to bring visual art, dance, and fire to your event! Whether it is an art function, Steampunk festival, Horror Party, Zombie Wedding, Birthday blowout, private celebration, comic, scifi, or hot rod convention... Moonhoar will surprise your guests and make you look cool!