Moonless Moth

Moonless Moth


With remnants of the early nineties grunge movement and the smoothness of later alternative rock we have a sound and voice all to ourselves. The ideals of the band are founded on heartfelt and meaningful original tunes.


The four-piece rock group hailing from Charleston, South Carolina was birthed with the collaberation of childhood friends David Adams and Chris Yaun in the Summer of 2001. The band's first project, a full length album titled "The Beauty In The Flaw" contains elements of teenage confusion with songs like "Inferiority Complex" and "Friday" while still capturing the depth and songwriting abilities of the band with gems like "City by The Sea" and "Heaven's Gone Away" The band has performed countless shows in and around the Southeastern United States and shared a stage with acts such as: Wormbelly, Souls Harbor, Number one Contender, Pain In Life, Blanco Diablo and The Deaf Pedestrians to name a few. The band has had numerous appearances and mentions on their home town rock station's 98x and 96 Wave as well as Charleston Post and Courier. Charleston City paper says the members of the band "demonstrate a devotedness unlike many up-and-coming acts" and that the bands sound "suggests some acid-rock influences (Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Rush) and heavy doses of classic grunge (Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Mudhoney)". To say the least Moonless Moth has a very bright future and the ambitious and industrious members of the band are willing and able to make that future even brighter.


"The Beauty in The Flaw" - Released in 2007(Full Length) Tracks from the album play on Charleston stations 98.1 (X) and 96.1 (WAVE)

"Crunk Cringle" Release in 2006(Single) This track was released as part of a Christmas compilation made possible by radio station 98.1 (X).

Set List

Yellow Sun
Radio Commentary
Mr. Man
Heaven's Gone Away
Inferiority Complex
Purple Sky
City by The Sea

We play almost all originals. We generally fill an hour as headliners but can also throw in a few quality modified covers as well.