Moonlight Ransom

Moonlight Ransom


Moonlight Ransom offers an outburst of jazz-infused pop-punk. With roaring drums, dancing bass lines, vibrant guitars, and pleading vocals, the group provides an epic thrill ride. With each dramatic transition, they combine delicate verses with thunderous choruses, proving they are unforgettable.


Several winters ago, harsh weather arrived on the doorstep of Dunnville, Ontario. Amongst the ice, winds, sleet, and snow a strong spirit was blessed upon several individuals. On a particularly ruthless day, two of these persons hurried inside to escape the cruel storm, discovering that once together, they were able to construct and compose music with considerable flair. As the severe conditions increased, the two were soon accompanied by a third, attempting to locate safe shelter. The three warmed their bones around the fireplace, and began sharing thoughts with one another. The group's essence grew together as a whole, creating a strong bond of epic proportions.

As the day progressed and night approached, the winter let up, and in search of fresh air, the three exited the household and made their way into the night. Once again bundled up tight, they uttered brief goodbyes, and each went their separate ways, but not before one could remark to the other a rather imperative comment...

With one already having departed, the other two rested their hands in their pockets and gazed upon the stars dancing in the night sky. It was a remarkably dark evening, they noted, basking in the glow the sliver of moon offered. One turned to the other, and softly emitted the words "Looks like somebody's holding the moonlight for ransom." Studying the breath that had just left the lips of his friend, the other boy closed his eyes and made certain he remembered this phrase. He wasn't sure of the significance of it at the time, but he was sure it would be important in the future, which they soon discovered was not very far in the distance.

Of the three souls involved in this project, most of the material is written by one person, but each individual breathes their own form of life into each and every piece and composition. They adore sharing their work with others, and thank everyone who has supported them thus far, including family, friends, and acquaintances. They love you. All of you.


A Taste of What's Real

Written By: Dylan Rykse

With hair like waterfalls,
An overflow of grace enthralls.
I am warm, and it hurts.
Consuming shards of glass,
You scratch your cheeks till they are crass,
And rife with such discomfort,
All the pain starts to amass.

Does suffering remind you
Of a boy wo used to raise you?
He touched a girl's angelic palms
While dancing on this table.

And God will bless the sonless father.
He won't love his only daughter.
Teardrops gather, hands grow smaller.
A murder scene marked
In the parlour.

Until you set fire to me,
I'd never known such sheer beauty.
I am warm, and it hurts.

Touch my face again.
Pull at my lips,
I wish to feel your fingertips.
I want to kiss and rub your hips
and never let it end.


I Know I'm Only Dreaming (EP)
Live At Gatorpalooza 2007 (Live Album)

Set List

Sets are about an hour in length, but can be shortened to roughly half an hour at the least. Anything below that isn't really enough time to play a "set", but they have no problem only playing a song or two. A typical set looks like this:
(Songs are Moonlight Ransom originals unless otherwise noted)

Revolution (Beatles)
Melting Mirage
By Nightfall
Folsom Prison Blues (Johnny Cash)
1 2 3 4 (Feist)
A Taste Of What's Real
Beyond the Pale

Covers are usually altered to fit the mood conveyed by the rest of the songs. Distortion is often added, and tempos are usually sped up, to suit the style of their original material. Shows are quite often frantic, and are always entertaining and memorable. The band makes distinct clothing choices, dances, and optimizes crowd participation.

However, in another case, Moonlight Ransom loves to play acoustic sets in which the exact opposite occurs, and songs are altered to fit the acoustic, coffeehouse style.