MOONLIT PULSE is a Rock/Pop band that is unique and reaches fans of all ages. With a positive sound and heart-felt lyrics, they bring a great and explosive sound that can be found on any top 40 radio station.


MOONLIT PULSE is an original band that formed in the fall of 2011. It all started when Matt was working sound at a local bar on Staten Island and first heard Amanda singing with a local cover band. It was not until one month later when Matt approached Amanda with the concept of an original band. Amanda, always being a songwriter, was up for the challenge! From there, MOONLIT PULSE started to take form.
Brandon, who was once with another cover band was brought into the mix. Matt and Amanda already knew of him and had known he was a brilliant musician, so the three started working together writing music. They started writing original music and realized that they truly had a great deal of chemistry and wanted to pursue it further!
About a month later, Joe was found while doing a local gig in Brooklyn. Originally hailing from Australia, he had great vocals, original music, and was a phenomenal guitar player. So he was approached about joining the band and he gladly agreed!
Brian, who was known for having that natural bass groove, joined MOONLIT PULSE about two weeks later. Finally Danny, having known Matt from doing drum sessions together previously, was the last piece of the puzzle to complete the band.
MOONLIT PULSE has been playing local gigs around the NYC area to make themselves known and are excited to share their love of music with their fans!



Set List

Never Good Enough
Nothing Comes Easy
Blue Sky
Wait 4 You
Held High
Find Your Faith
One More Try