Moonlit Spectrum

Moonlit Spectrum

 Austin, Texas, USA
BandRockNew Age

Moonlit Spectrum is made up of four college friends whose goal is to pursue music in an uninhibited way.The expansive sound-scape is created through the many influences of each member. Every song is taken as its own musical venture, and is allowed to follow whatever path the music flows.


"When you're ready let me know, and we'll make music." This was the promise Jonathan Mora (drummer) gave to Roman Mitchell (lead guitarist) at the age of 15. These two along with their friend Chris Stauber began their journey into the world of music. There were many additions to the band that came and went but, eventually they would find themselves at the University of Texas of San Antonio. Here they would find the missing members, Britain McKenzie(lead vocals) and Sun Im(Bassist). They would enter the fold during this time and complete the forging of what would then be called the Fight Of Our Lives. Although headway in the music world was made during their stay at San Antonio, true progress would not be made till Jonathan, Britain, Roman, and Sun moved to Austin. Here the FOOL started to build a foundation for their development in the Austin music scene, but the distance from Chris would prove to be unbearable. Once Chris moved to Houston he had no choice but to leave the FOOL for good. This separation from their fellow musician in arms caused a period of apathy and distraction for the remaining members. Burnt out and unmotivated, the FOOL crackled and fizzled out. The love for music pulled the four back together, and from the ashes of The Fight Of Our Lives came Moonlit Spectrum. What makes this band unique is the diversity of musical influences that each musicians draw from. From Britain's folk/country back ground to Jonathan and Roman's love for R&B, Moonlit Spectrum is exactly what it says it is. A spectrum of backgrounds and experiences reflected from the human condition into the music they make.


We Are The Wolves

Written By: Moonlit Spectrum

With your claws under cottony cloak.
Your growl in your gut, no smile,
To show those snarling lips.
No freedom to dream.

You live your life in your flock.
Lamb, where they lead you follow.
Do as they say,
Be one of them.

Afraid to wonder.
Afraid of what lies yonder.
Echo's presence chains you
To the will of others.

Afraid to wonder.
Afraid to wander out your lair.
Afraid of the wolf.
Afraid of the call.

We are the wolves.
We are the shadow underneath
The foot that wanders,
And goes where we call.

We are the wolves.
We are the fear that strikes you.
The pulse racing despite you,
We are heart that sets you free.

Don't listen to Mary, you little lamb.
Let fear oppress you no more.
Disrobe your chains of wool,
And follow the call.

You are the wolf.
You are that shadow underneath.
Join the shade of we,
And be free


Written By: Britain MacKenzie

Do you remember when we used our bodies,
To say the things that got lost in our mouths?
Don't you think that it was quite funny,
We never knew what exactly came out?

Hold still we're coming,
So save your breath.
So soft, and cunning,
You'll have yours yet.

Do you remember when we hit the ground running?
(The day we fell out of the clouds.)
I guess we saw what we were becoming,
And changing together just wasn't allowed.

Do you remember we had no use for money?
I guess we just knew what life was about.
Mouth of jackal, and ears of bunny,
We'd say everything just a little too loud.

And all the truth in lies is coming through,
And all the truth and lies are coming through.


Written By: Britain MacKenzie, Jonathan Mora

Once, when I had everything...
Now a void is found inside.
Once, when I had felt nothing...
Now I'm trapped inside my mind.

Feeling like a ghost,
Sun burnin' through my skin.
Feeling like a ghost,
They all see my secrets.
Feeling like a ghost,
Hidden all within.
Feeling like a ghost.

Take me to the waterside,
To see the man that I once was,
When I was young.

Take me to the riverside,
With my lover's sweet and gentle caress,
It's where I belong.

Going Over,
In the Waves you are.

Take me to the oceanside,
Fall within myself to the sound of waves,
Crashing around my body.

Pull me from the oceanside,
Into the seas that I made,
When I was without me.

Going over,
In the waves you are.
Going over,
In the waves we are.

Going Home

Written By: Jonathan Mora

This party has been raging since the dawn of man,
And we've been grooving for as long as we can.
The guest list will change, it's just a matter of time,
Before my name is crossed off the line.

So, I make my way to the front of the dance floor.
'Cause I'll be damned if I don't have just one last chorus.

Oh, we're going home,
We're going home.
So get on the floor,
Because they're at the door.
We're going home,
We're going home.
So, one last chance,
To get up and dance.

If life is like a groove that swept you off our feet,
Then our music would move you till you're chanting with me,
(Love, love.)
But love is better if it's been invested,
So this sweet soul is gonna get collected.

I feel this party's getting just a bit out of hand,
And I've been holding on for as long as I can.
I feel the ground pulling me from under my feet,
So I'll ask what I can while we're all grooving this beat.

Do you love me,
Am I the fantasy that keeps my memory from being set free.


Written By: Roman Mitchell

I think I can feel your gravity
Pulling me
From underneath,
Through the leagues.

Above the seas,
Where I can breath.
Above the trees,
I'm finally free.

Towards the stars,
There's so much space I don't know to start.
I'm drifting and sailing my way past mars.
Keep telling myself that it's not too far.
It's not that far.

Wait a minute!
The stars are dimming.
I've started spinning.
I'm not finished.


EP1- Full Moon

Set List

We Are the Wolves
Going Home