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“Mark is the best singer I’ve ever worked with”

RICARDO GIUFFRIDA (Music Editor of Acoustic & Guitar Player Magazine)


“Mark is a tremendous singer and an outstanding musician with a substantial and eclectic background”

ANDRE MARTINS (Black Records Artist)



“Mark Allison is a member of ABRAMUS since 2007 and we are proud that his compositions were recorded by big names in the Brazilian music. Besides, he’s been published by the most important Publishing Companies worldwide, such as Warner Chappell, Copa Music, El Shadday, Pacifica, Pump Audio and Pig Factory”

ABRAMUS (Biggest Performing Right Organization of Brazil) - ABRAMUS (Performing Right Organization)


“Mark’s music is modern, current and contemporary. He has an inspiring dedication to the music crafting, and with his solid background, which allows him to read, write, and arrange music scores, he could be considered one of the most gifted singers and songwriters of the new generation.”

MARCO SOUZA (Artistic Manager of Warner Chappell 89-91 - CEO at Free Note Music)


“Warner Chappell has almost thirty songs written by Mark Allison in its catalogs.”




“Mark Allison’s music is strong, and I am impressed, to say the least, with his braveness in the pursuit of his dreams. It is something rare and admirable.”

JOHN BATTAGLIA JR. (Wilhelmina Artist Management, which has represented Beyoncé, Usher and Jessica Simpson)
- JOHN BATTAGLIA JR (Wilhelmina Artist Management)





Ep "THE WOLF TIME" - 2009

My loneliness
Watch Out!
The girl, the best, the only one
Just another way

All tracks were licensed by Pump Audio & Pig Factory



A propulsive modern rock sound combined with classic tones and anthemic hooks. A rare blend of indie and mainstream themes, where visual lyrics, laced with straight forward messages and compelling stories ride side by side with impassioned vocals and powerful guitar riffs.

The debut album "CHAOTIC MOONMIND ROAD" of the band MOONMIND, leaded by the vocalist, songwriter and guitar player Mark Allison is literally ready to head out on the chaotic road of rock n' roll.

Although MOONMIND could be considered, at first sight, an "one man army" project, because all tracks were written, arranged, produced and performed by Mark, in collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist Ro Fonseca, and the drummer Vlad Rocha, the album still captures the stamina and ferocity of his gifted fellow soldiers/musicians inside the studio.

Mark and his trademark raspy voice and great range sound visceral and unmistakably sincere. His classic raw tone contrasts harmoniously with the contemporary wall of guitar textures created by Ro Fonseca, who also co-produced the album.

Songs like "Round n' Round" with its killer riff and “breaking the chains” chorus proclaim an inner revolution. Mark says: “This song is about embracing the risk and daring to dream, which is something we will all have to look for, sooner or later, if we want real changes in our lives”. He also shows his range alternating melodic and screamo moments in the realm of bands such as Foo Fighters and Audioslave, so just make sure to listen to the tune up to the breathtaking finale.

There are also extremely touching moments in the album such as the beautiful folk ballad “NY”. The lyric says: “If I tell you I’m from far away, you would laugh, man, what do you mean? ‘Far away’ is just a city where we’ve all been”. According to “Mr.” MOONMIND, it is a true story about a blind singer who was always at 23rd Street in Manhattan. NY reflects his first impressions of the city, and it is an inspiring foreign vision of someone, like millions, struggling to win there.

It always relevant to say that the singer, who was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, lived in New York and moved to Los Angeles in 2012. He honestly describes how this whole moving experience has been affecting his life and the way his music has being produced: "All over these long journey to America, I have been through so many things, with all sorts of challenging and unexpected places, people and situations in my life, that every time I listen to my music it seems that my soul is carved on it as a tattoo"

If art is all about beating the odds and letting the intuition and creativity out Mr. Allison is not playing safe at all, like he sang in "When my angels cry:"
"Now, everywhere I go, I'm carrying nothing but my soul, and every time I feel lonely inside, it's all right, I just keep my demons laughing when my angels cry."

MOONMIND, which is something, or even someone between “The Zen, the Wise and the Lunatic”, has, doubtlessly, one million “chaotic moonmind” reasons to drive safely and confident on the road of great next modern rock bands’ generation.