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"Moon Minion kicks it with the Press Project at UNH"

"...'Love for Music showcases a lusty soul vibe with lush instrumentals swirling around Thomas’ elegant vocals..." - The Wire

"Everything you ever wanted to know about Moon Minion"

Chris Sink, keyboardist of the band Moon Minion, was kind enough to invite me to check out his band last Saturday, Jan. 3, at the Capitol Center for the Arts’ Spotlight Café.

Also that night, two other bands with Concord roots rocked out – AMPM and What Tomorrow Held. I was really looking forward to attending the show, but since I’m so popular, I remembered I already had plans for that particular night.

Since I couldn’t make it, I checked out Moon Minion’s myspace page and felt the band was worthy of getting some recognition. They sounded fun and funky. Plus, Chris addressed me as “Ms. Pappathan” in an e-mail, hence showing me a certain amount of respect. Usually people don’t even bother addressing e-mails me to, as anything intended for me usually gets sent to Katie or Danielle first.

I may not have been able to see Chris and the rest of Moon Minion rock out, but he did grant me a totally rockin’ interview a few days before the big show. To hear them for yourself or to find out about upcoming shows, go to the band’s Myspace page at

Hey, you never know. You may dig the sound and become their next groupie. Just be sure to never request “Sweet Home Alabama.”

Tell me about the band members: Who are they and where are they from?
Aaron Katz plays the drums and also produced our EP. He went to University of New Hampshire and has been in Dover for at least 10 years now. He played drums/wrote songs/sang lead with Percy Hill in the late ’90s and early ’00s.
Greg Rothwell plays the bass. He’s from Hopkinton but often tells people he’s from Concord to save time.

I play keyboards and occasionally sing some lead and backups. I currently live in Dover but grew up in Concord.

Jim Dozet plays guitar. Jim’s from the Seacoast and currently lives in Dover. He has his own jazz group and also plays with a really killing live hip hop group called The Press Project.
Felicia Thomas (aka Felicia Liight) sings lead. She grew up in Portsmouth and currently lives in Dover.

What’s the band’s history? How long have you been together?
The band started with Greg and I getting together and playing through some songs we both had lying around. I had just moved out to the Seacoast and was looking for a band, and Greg had just broken up with his group. We knew each other in high school but never really played together because we had rival jazz fusion trios. Greg met Felicia at Panera where they both worked. We started gigging this past summer as a cover band at a dive bar in Dover, but were fired when we refused to play “Sweet Home Alabama” for a toothless patron. Shortly after that, our drummer decided to move to New Orleans, and we decided to focus on original material. Somehow, we convinced Aaron and Jim to join; they’re amazing musicians with busy schedules, but they really believe in the project. So far, we’ve only played two shows with this new lineup and both of them have been a blast. We also just finished recording an EP that you can hear on our Myspace page.

What would you say your sound is? I usually just tell people that it’s soul music.

Who are the band’s musical influences? I can’t speak for everyone, but I know D’angelo, Soulive, Meshell Ndegeocello and Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings are my reference points for keyboards.

Why should Concord listen to you and go to your shows? Well, first of all, I think we have some of the best musicians in the area playing with us. We actually have guys playing with us that are able to make a living as professional musicians, which really can’t be said for a lot of bands around here. We also play fun, funky music that I think has pretty universal appeal.

You’re playing at the Spotlight Café this weekend. Are you looking forward to playing in your hometown? Why do you think it’s important for a band to “come home”?
I can’t wait to play the Spotlight Café, and I know Greg is looking forward to it, too. We’re playing with two other bands who are both friends of ours, and who are from the area, too, so I’m looking forward to seeing old friends from high school.

I think it’s important for a band to come home for the chance to reconnect with old friends, and to prove to your parents that you’re doing something with your life.

Even if you become really famous, will you still come back to Concord and play? Will you grant The Insider an exclusive interview in between touring across the globe?
The Insider definitely gets an exclusive interview, but I want it conducted by one of the advice columnists on the “Ask the Elders” page.

As for another show in Concord, we’ll consider it if some conditions are met. I won’t list all of them here, but I know Greg requires a mixing bowl filled to capacity with orange Skittles, and I would need a dimly lit, tastefully furnished room for my pre-show aromatherapy.

Would you say you dress any differently because you’re in a band? What is your typical getup for a show?
I dress the same. For a show, I try to wear a clean shirt. Also, buttless chaps.

Do you feel like being in a band gets you more chicks?
I don’t think keyboard players have seen any action because of their keyboard skills since the 80s.

Are you related to Tim Sink of Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce fame? If so, what’s that like? If not, please feel to tell us your thoughts on Tim Sink anyway.
Tim Sink is my dad. My association with him helps me get into exclusive clubs. - Concord Monitor


"Love For Music EP" - Released February 2009. Featuring the songs "Twist Down The Road," "Love for Music," and "Exclusive Love."



“Hey man, what are you up to? You need to come down to the Barley Pub and hear this music!” These words, shouted on a cell phone some time after 9pm on November 17th, 2008, sum up the general sentiment at Moon Minion’s first gig with its stacked new lineup. It’s no surprise, really; combining the warm sounds of 60s and 70s soul with the deep, slick grooves of modern neo-soul, hip-hop, and R&B, Moon Minion has near universal appeal. Aaron Katz (drums, Percy Hill) Greg Rothwell (bass, The Mystery Button) and Chris Sink (keyboards, Sound Inc) lay the rock solid foundation. Jim Dozet (guitar, The Press Project) and Chris Klaxton (trumpet, The Press Project) tread lightly over the groove, and Felicia “Liight” Thomas (vocals, ILLA records) cuts through it all with her sexy, soulful vocals. On their new EP, “Love for Music,” Moon Minion demonstrates that while they’ll most definitely kill it live, they also know how to construct a record worth playing again and again.