Moon Roots

Moon Roots

 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Moon Roots are an eclectic combination of tight indie rock on chill reggae beats and rhythms with spacey psychedelic infused folk and lush vocal harmonies. They are influenced by a wide variety of artists including: Okkervil River, The Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Fleet Foxes


Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, Moon Roots mission is to please the ears and tickle the brain while giving a fun high energy show. We have recently gotten first place in an Ann Arbor battle of the bands.

Mike Palluzzi, lead vocalist, spits out catchy melodies with a combination of smooth singing and melodic rapping, while rolling up and down the keys and synth. Jerry Garcia and Jim Morrison are big influences.

Noah Hermann tightly holds down low end on the bass guitar. His playing is strongly influenced by the likes of Paul McCartney, Phil Lesh, and John Paul Jones.

William Dark's hard hitting drumming style keeps the rhythm going while his gut-busting fills are sure to satisfy all. He is influenced by Tony Royster Jr., Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Travis Barker.

David Stratman, the shred marshall on guitar duties, plays a tasteful combination of lead and rhythm styles. His biggest influences are Mike Einziger of Incubus and Omar Rodriguez of The Mars Volta.
All of Moon Roots are song writers each with their own diverse style. Their shows paint a wide palette of sounds throughout. Formed when all members were in high school, they have been playing together for three years. Book Moon Roots today!


Frigid Air

Written By: Moon Roots

Seasons changin my mind,
my heart; they're racin' with uncertainty.
As fall fades away,
bringin back problems of yesterday.
I said Wo oh ho oh.
How can I go on,
bein used.
I said Wo oh oh oh.
How am I supossed to know?
what I have got to do.

Sometimes I feel like I'm being real.
Sometimes I know, I've got to let it go.

Love's got me like a pie on the windowsill.
Temptation's got me in a chokehold.
Lost love like an evil little angel,
blood on his hands and horns on his halo.

Friends they don't know what we're missing.
Blissfully unaware they're livin'.
Life's playin them like a violin,
sweet songs of apathy they're making.

We're breaking laws of society.
Let me be just another human being,
stop seperatin me from my family
Oh me.

I've got to

To the trees livin in harmony
do you have the answers for me?
Rooted in the ground, your purpose is found.
Giving to the poor, being takin from by the greedy.

Do you know oh oh,
you were destined to be.
What I see before me,
and me,
I'm just lost in society,
and I'm ooo o....

As I lie in bed awake,
my fate is predictably unpredictable,
and like the mothers and fathers before me,
the world has got it's hold on me,
society's gone and kicked the ass of humanity,
can't seem to get a hold on anything.
Life's short and we waste it worrying
the whole damn time,
Society's gone kicked the ass of

Sometimes I think I'd trade it in,
one for another,
I hope it'll work itself out in the end
but until then,
I'll fight and try to win,
oh but they'll tell me,
It's a sin to be alive
It's a sin to want a life that's just more meaningful
It's a sin to want out,
of our petty little lives.
Oh but I'm dyin here.
Cause my soul is dyin here.
and I wanna know.
Do you feel it go right through you
this frigid air?
No carefree buzz of summer here.


Next to nothing for now, we are working on getting in the studio.

Set List

Moon Roots can play for as long or as short as you want. A typical set has a blend of 75% originals with 25% covers including the following (lengths of originals are a rough estimate):
1. Open Up Your Mind I + II (8 mins)
2. The Dark Divinorum (4.5 mins)
3. Undediversification of the Nation (5 mins)
4. Odyssey of the Mind (8 mins)
5. Jacquie Reeva (6 mins)
6. Electric Intermission (3.5 mins)
7. 3D (5 mins)
8. Fireside (3 mins)
9. Frigid Air (6 mins)
10. Interlude Jams (cut to a tasteful length)
11. Spare Change (4 mins)
12. Shadowed and Smooth (5 mins)

Bob Marley's Buffalo Soldier
Electric Six's Danger! High Voltage
Rusted Root's Send Me On My Way
MGMT's Electric Feel
Michael Franti's Ganja Babe
T.V. on the Radio's Wolf Like Me