I would say we are unlike anything you've ever heard before, we are 5 guys that are very dedicated mucisians, that know how to make people bang their heads, and know how to have a great time playing our music that we love.


We have many influences, ranging from metallica,pantera,slipknot, all the way to sublime,cannibal corpse and many more. Moonshine is set apart from all other bands with our unique ability to blend ska/reggae grooves with heavy metal breakdowns. We've put a new twist on heavy metal and have a very unique sound that has attracted a large fan base locally.


Any tracks u want to listen to will be on our site at, they are streaming.

Set List

Our set list usually consists of 9 or maybe 10 songs. Giving us around a 45 minute set list. The names of our songs are as follows:
-Womb to tomb
-The Zoo
-Keg Life
-My Inside
-Ice Cream ( I Scream)
-Passing by
-Too much
If we do any covers we might just do one, and that is usually Sober by Tool.