Moon Shine Blue

Moon Shine Blue


Captures the essence of folk intertwined with funky grooves and blues creating a bed for story telling lyrics and dreamy melodies, giving them a sound all their own.


A unique blend of varying musical styles, Moon Shine Blue captures the essence of folk intertwined with funky grooves and blues, creating a bed for story telling lyrics and dreamy melodies, giving them a sound all their own.
Originally from San Jose, California, Nicole Roberts, and Cliff Roberts formed Moon Shine Blue in 1999. After recording a self titled demo they found themselves heading East in 2002 to Florida, where they currently reside. With the release of their first full length album, A Stranger to This Place, they are continuing to perform at local venues yet are looking to branch out to other areas. They are interested in touring the country introducing their music to the public.
They have developed a polished sound that has been received very warmly by people of all ages, and has great potential to reach bigger markets. Moon Shine Blue was recently showcased on the Acoustic Record, which airs on, and are frequently played on WFIT 89.5 FM.
Ultimately the goal as musicians is to become signed to a label and establish a sustainable career as recording and performing artists.



Written By: Moon Shine Blue

He’s riddled with questions, but the answers don’t seem to be on hand.
With time catching up, he fears he might never fully understand.
His hand his pen racing swiftly sorting quickly through the reasons why.
A time a choice shallow breath yields no voice, no time for the reasons why.
Stray thoughts lay dormant, undetected filling corners of his mind eluding his perception.
Kept out of sight, tucked away from the light for much too long convincing himself that they are gone.
Trying to figure this riddle out.
He goes around.
But his efforts have fallen short from his doubt.


Written By: Moon Shine Blue

What a fool I can be, to ever give up on us.
To walk away from everything I am, just to say I’ve won.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned through the years babe, it’s that love don’t come easily.
I’ve got to be willing to give in rather than willing to run.
I’m sorry if I’ve given you that feeling, like everything’s at a loss.
I guess I didn’t realize how quickly I scared and how quickly I fought.

Three Wishes

Written By: Moon Shine Blue

Three wishes enough dreams to last a lifetime, why can’t I have one of my own?
You seem so lucky always granted what you want,
Do you have a wish you’d like to loan?
That may seem selfish, but there are plenty of selfish people, why do I have to be one?
You should be thankful never suffer from worries, look at me but what have I done?
Who’s the cause of all my pain and anguish?
Who’s the one that decides when I am right?
A shadow of darkness has been cast before me,
When will I find my way back to the light?
My memories of what I used to be seem so out of touch.
My memories have never seemed foolish, though to some they aren’t much.
I sit and wonder what it is I have to be,
But all I need to be is me.
So here I am right in front of you, you choose what you see.
No more pain, the decision was mine to make.
This shadow has been lifted,
I will walk with the daybreak.


Moon Shine Blue (Self Titled Demo 7 Songs) 2000
A Stranger To This Place (Full Length album 15 Songs) 2006- receives radio airplay WFIT 89.5 FM

Set List

Acoustic Set: 1 hour 20 min
The Quiet
Stands Still
Peer In
This Heaviness
Three Wishes
Brighter Side
Just As
Acoustic Covers:
Bobby McGee- Janis Joplin
Winding Road- Bonnie Somerville
Such Great Heights- Iron & Wine
Steal My Kisses- Ben Harper

Piano Set (1): 1 hour 20 min
At Your Door
Give Take Give
Would You Look
A Dreamer
Day To Day
Su Mundo
Piano Covers:
Rodeo Clowns- Jack Johnson
Staple It Together- Jack Johnson
The Way It Is- Bruce Hornsby

Piano Set (2): 1 hour
Clouds of Grey
Fragile Thoughts
The Lion Tamer
Sunday Morning
Why Do People
In The Morning- Norah Jones
Can't You See- Marshall Tucker Band