Moonshine Sway

Moonshine Sway

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Tom Vollman has quickly gained critical appeal for his rollicking live shows that marry swift rock tempos, punk ilk, and tight, power-pop hooks, nestling them in a tight package of memorable acoustic rock-n-roll evoking the waning spirits of Americana and the bygone ghosts of the once high lonesome.


In honor of simplicity-the Queen of the Underground-and to avoid becoming tongue-tied and twisted in a haze of otherwise meaningless details, senseless inuendo, and baseless rumors, it’s always best to stick to the facts, and present them as close to reality as humanly possible. That said, here are the facts as we know, love and tell them...

After relocating to Milwaukee, WI following the demise of the acclaimed, St. Louis-based Hart Crane, Tom Vollman (Vocals, Guitar) founded Moonshine Sway with like-minded contemporaries Chris Dorch (Guitar, Vocals) and Bob Berry (Bass) in order to, “put the heart back in the fading sun and draw streams of guilt from your ex-lover’s eyes.” Taking their name from a Goshen (Ohio) Township rural route notorious for backfield copper stills, the band quickly gained critical appeal for its rollicking live shows that marry swift rock tempos, punk ilk, and tight, power-pop hooks.

During the Spring of 2004, while subsisting off of small, slightly rationed quantities of cornbread, Canadian Club and grape popsicles, the band recorded their debut full-length, seven years, which has been hailed by critics in the United States, Europe and Japan. To pigeon-hole their sound is like trying to catch a hurricane with a butterfly net-they get loud; they get quiet; they chime like bellewether sweethearts trapped in the Macy’s Parade; and they shake like lonely autumn saviors.

Over the course of the past three years, Moonshine Sway has shared a bill or two, dancing in supermarket aisles (while remaining both civil and dignified) with the likes of The Bottle Rockets, Richmond Fontaine, Drag the River, P.W. Long, Thad Cockrell, The Derailers, Kevin Kinney, Wayne Hancock, Chris Scruggs, The Hackensaw Boys, and a number of others they’re too careless and/or cautious to mention. Moonshine Sway has performed across the U.S. and Europe, in one incarnation or another, gracing the splinter shacks and cul-de-sacs of New York, Los Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Paris, Prague, Cincinnati, and Minneapolis, just to name a few.

In a concerted effort to reduce static pollution on the airwaves, the band has been spinning in regular rotation on the likes of KDHX (St. Louis, MO); WOXY (Cincinnati, OH); WLUW (Chicago, IL); WLUW (Milwaukee, WI); KZSU (Stanford, CA); MOJO Dreams 105.5 (Antwerp, Belgium); Rootstime (The Netherlands); 104.3 Goldenflash (The Netherlands); WMSE (Milwaukee, WI); KALX (Berkley, CA); and myriad others there between. Moonshine Sway joined Jay Farrar (Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt) on the Shut Eye Records (Atlanta, GA) compilation, This Is Alt. Country, Vol. 2, which peaked at ..92 on the AMA Americana Chart.

Moonshine Sway was nominated for a WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Association) Award as ‘Rock Group of the Year’.

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This Is Alt.Country, Volume 2--2004 (Shut Eye Records--Atlanta, GA)

Seven Years--2004 (Self-Released)

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