Moon-Soo, Lee (Male)

Moon-Soo, Lee (Male)


If you listen to my instrument "A-Geng", you will join a new music world. I will be a contemporary musician in the world.


The First Music Trip,
A Great Fusion of Korean Traditional & Western Music
Sailed by an remarkable A-GENG player Moon-Soo Lee

A-Geng is a rubbed string instrument that came across to Korea from china around 8th century. A-Geng¡¯s shape is quite plump and its sound is similar to cello¡¯s sound.

Although it has been taken important position in wind ensemble, it¡¯s popularity has not been better than any other solo instruments such as Gayageum or Haedeum since A-Geng¡¯s sound has been known for uncomfortable sound to hear.

Hencem the first crossover A-Geng Album ¡°Gong-Yu (Share)¡± has the huge meaning that it tried to make harmony between A-Geng and western instruments such as cello, piano & guitar and so on., which it will surely change the preconception of A-Geng in specially traditional Korean music era.

Mr. Moon-Soo Lee has played the A-Geng with his artistic musicality on this album to show his remarkable & experienced talent. The first single track describes the composure of life, and in , A-Geng plays with western instruments ensemble. On Korean Traditional folk song you can hear Mr. Lee¡¯s humming voice with Jazz trio.

By his re-make number , most of listeners should feel A-Geng¡¯s unique & amazing sound played by Moon-Soo Lee.

By his precious 8 tracks, Mr. Lee is trying to show his own color in many musical ways. Finally he finds his passion and love on music through his first remarkable work ¡°Gong Yu (share)¡±.


GONG-YU(SHARE) (LP/200704)

Set List

for one hour performance
7 songs to be performed
(5 Compositions, 1 traditional tune, 1 classical music)