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Band Alternative Rock


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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1 album (Just Another Day)
we have alot of live tracks, and studio recorded tracks on our website
We also have a video for our song "Alright", and a DVD of our 2003 appearance at the Block Island Music Festival. Our albums,video, and dvd, were all made by moonspank


Feeling a bit camera shy


We are the result of “The MoonSpank Music Explosion, “A Government’s” plan to gain full control over peoples way of life, by making a deal with the largest Record companies, and Hollywood. The deal was for the record companies to sell to “The Government” all the original music, made by true musicians/artist, basically music that invokes individuality. In return the record companies would merge with Hollywood, to produce a generic style of music, and Hollywood would support the soulless music, by creating a mini movie with over the top images, creating mindless entertainment. This would result in Mindless thinking.
The Government produced a space craft, containing all the Music they received from the record companies. They launched the space craft, planning for it to crash and explode on the Moon. Something went wrong, 4 minutes after launch the Vessel exploded. When they searched and found no remains, the government saw it as a flaw that went right, and it was forgotten. What they didn’t know was 4 of the remains were found by three young musicians in New York, and One in Ireland.
The Boys kept what they found a secret, and started to gain musical powers, and an unknown purpose to fulfill. Each started their quest as boys, and found each other as men. They shared their secrets with one another, researched to find information on the experiment. When they discovered the government’s secret plan, they all discovered their purpose. They’ve become a revolutionary band, of rebel musicians, with musical powers, wearing all white suits, to prevent any image stereo type. Planning to expose the Government’s secret plan, and to restore True Original Music Forever.