The sound of Moontower is like no other. It's smooth, upbeat yet mellow feel will always be kind to your ears.


Moontower originated in the basement of a small house in Decatur, GA and now consists of 6 players making jam-funk-rock music. It all started with each band member learning their own instrument at a young age. Not knowing they would all be a part of what is now known as "Moontower," each member developed their own unique style. In 2004 "Moontower" was put together starting with 2 guitars and drums, followed by percussion and bass. And with the final addition of keyboard and vocals the "Moontower" sound was created.

Influences range from The Beatles to Motown to Dave Matthews to Bob Marley to The Black Crowes to Sector 9 to Stone Temple Pilots.


Just a Taste EP

1. Next in Line
2. Can't Stop
3. I Think it's True
4. Walk Away

Set List

2.3.06 Jake's Toadhouse

Set I: The Mood, Next In Line, Run On, Walk Away, Everybody Freeze, Into the Mystic@, Sun Will Come, Roses Are Free#, Get Up, So Clear, My Girl$, Rainy Day, Can't Stop

@ - Van Morrison cover, # - Ween Cover, $ - Temptations Cover with Paris Luna on vocals

Bill shared with Paris luna, Beau Hall, and Dwayne Waterman

1.25.06 Eddie's Attic

Set I: Sun Will Come, Run On, Walk Away, I Think It's True, The Mood*, My Girl*!, Into The Mystic*^, Everybody Freeze, Rainy Day, Can't Stop$, Get Up, Next In Line, So Clear

*- Chris on Trumpet !- Temptations cover ^- Van Morrison cover $- Spottieottiedopalicious tease

Acoustic show with Jonathan Rich of The Goodfight opening

12.22.05 Smith's Olde Bar

Set 1 : Drummer Boy Intro > Next In Line, Bad Fish, Run On, My Girl, I Think Its True^ , Sun Will Come, Roses Are Free, Walk Away* , Everybody Freeze* , Can't Stop* , Funky Bitch* , Get Up* , So Clear* , Rainy Da