Moon Unit

Moon Unit



Moon Unit is a young band, but Moon Unit is also an ambitious band, having already played at many high-profile clubs across Georgia. Moon Unit plays pop music, but sometimes Moon Unit gets angry and a heavier rock song will come out. Moon Unit has the traditional four-piece setup, except Moon Unit traded a guitar for a piano and sports two lead vocalists. Moon Unit loves to perform and practice and do the other things that most bands love to do. Moon Unit is not trying to redefine rock'n'roll, but Moon Unit is also doing its best to not be a carbon copy of its influences. Moon Unit loves its friends, and its friends love Moon Unit. Moon Unit would love to be a part of your life and for you, in turn, to be a part of Moon Unit's.


E.P. to-be-released Spring 2008
Regular airplay on WGUR 88.9FM Milledgeville, GA

Set List

30-45 minutes of orignial material:

Multiple Choices
Going Home
Kind of End
Here We Go