Moon.Wav Studios

Moon.Wav Studios


Featuring Music for Broadcast & Cinematic Media, Moon.Wav Studios is an Independent Digital Audio & Multimedia Production Group, seeking to promote original indie Film, Radio & Television.


Moon.Wav Studios is a rising online Sound Source for Film, Radio & Television...featuring unique clips & compositions ideally suited for use as bumpers, segues, advertisements/commercials, soundtracks, muzak; & more !!!

Moon.Wav Studios is a wholly owned subsidiary of Moon.Wav MusicMedia, a premier digital audio & multimedia production group dedicated to the promotion & distribution of select undiscovered independent musical artists.

The music sampled here; & fully featured on the Moon.Wav Studios website, covers numerous genres, styles & influences. The compositions are well crafted; & the production is first-rate. All material contained herein copyright 2006, by Lunar Records.

To listen to all available tracks, please visit the Moon.Wav Studios website, linked below.