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Cincinnati, OH | Established. Jan 01, 2017 | SELF

Cincinnati, OH | SELF
Established on Jan, 2017
Band Alternative Folk




"Album Premiere: moonweather, ‘Overgrown’"

moonweather pulls no punches on their sophomore LP, Overgrown. An album that is easy on the ears musically, and devastatingly honest lyrically, has been perfectly crafted by the Cincinnati quartet.

The 10 track LP leads you through winding roads of soft keys, sprawling and expansive guitar tones, bright horns, and hushed vocals. The subtle intricacies of the music lay the perfect foundation for moonweather’s signature realism to shine through. Overgrown is an album about things not going quite right; having problems. And no matter how small or seemingly insignificant these problems can be, they can build up creating a mass of larger issues.

Overgrown is available digitally everywhere tomorrow (Feb. 8), and you can even snag some vinyl, but until then, enjoy the exclusive premiere! - Playlist Play


Self-reflective and erratic, moonweather’s new single “Until Later” bubbles forth with frothy, electric energy, hiding thoughtful wistfulness behind cheerful pageantry and reverberant vigor. At only two minutes long, it packs a miniature yet mighty punch, dropping in right away with dynamic vocals, thrumming guitar chordings, light piano harmonies, and vocals that ricochet in and out. Today Glide is excited to offer an exclusive premiere of the single. The song is a feel-good romp that balances catchy verses and lyrics with a lo-fi psych-folk sound, coming in at just under two minutes to leave you wanting more.

Upon listening, it’s readily apparent that moonweather is a close-knit group. Boasting an extremely collaborative songwriting style wherein band members collaborate equally on virtually all facets of songwriting – lyrics and arrangements included – the song pieces itself together as it progresses into something rambunctious and homogenous and ultimately endearing.

All things together, “Until Later” sees the band trying to fit the mistakes they’ve made into their lives as they age and self-actualize, foregrounded against a backdrop of shiny surfaces, road trips, and train journeys. Drawn from their second full-length album Overgrown, it’s a storied reflection on aging and on problems that seem insignificant on their own, but together compound into bigger issues. The Cincinnati group is a prime example of musicians with a killer work ethic working together toward mainstream success.

Band member Bobby Burgess describes the song like this:

“‘Until Later’ rattles past through mounting fears and growing concerns. Outside, the world whips by, faster all the time. Inside, we reflect on the trips we’ve taken before. Then, before you know it, it’s time to collect your baggage and disembark. Some trips are like that. I like this song because it’s short, and it’s sweet, and it sounds like everyone’s having a good time even though we’re dying inside.” - Glide Magazine

"Moonweather shares quirky animated video for "Burn Me""

Moonweather is the brainchild of two close friends living on the opposite sides of America who took a summer off to build a studio and record an album as a collaborative project with a bunch of local Cincinnati musicians. This endeavor would lead to their new album sit down be small, which is due next month. Their latest single and accompanying video is Burn Me.

Zip me up and seal me in
With the bugs and the dirt
Bury me in Earth
I’ll return to my birth

In this quirky animated video, a part rabbit part human puppet sings while other puppet hands play instruments. Gentle instrumentation shifts into erratic and somber interludes with transposed images of candles and instruments on fire, splotches of paint and vibrant colours, neon strings squirming out of burnt holes, and bits and pieces of arts and crafts like buttons and glitter running amock. Blistered and maimed. Lost and disillusioned. Wrap me up and feed me to the worms.

Watch the charming video below and look for sit down be small on April 7, and you can hear the first two singles over on bandcamp. - Ohestee

"New Music"

Fans of catchy indie pop will dig the latest from moonweather. Moonweather is a group of old friends who got together to pen the infectious “Drying Out.” They got together to combine crunchy guitars with whimsical bedroom pop vibes for a lighthearted and fun end result. This one should appeal to fans of electronica tinged indie-pop with upbeat vibes – think Electric President or Say Hi. - Buffablog

"7 Eclectic Summertime Singles"

Moonweather might only count three official members amongst their ranks, but for the making of the new album, they called upon friends near and far until the list of participating artists and musicians became a bit too long to print. The band describes their sound as “kind of like Sufjan Stevens and Modest Mouse had a child they’re both disappointed in,” but I think moonweather harkens back to even earlier indie. “Drying Out” has a bit of a Pavement feel to me, particularly during the early part of the song. The single has a bit of a listless feel – you know, that lazy hazy feeling that you get on a sticky summer afternoon when you have nothing to do bit listen to records and stare at the ceiling fan. That is this song. - Yabyum West

"A Song A Day"

A melancholic song for a rainy day – Moonweather‘s ‘Drying Out’ is just lovely. - Wee Claire

"Extra Tips Part 16"

Soms hoeft het niet ingewikkeld: “Last track on our recently released album, Sit Down Be Small. Just a couple of good boys from Cincinnati trying to make their dads proud.” En vervolgens: “4 out of 5 dads agree, Goodbye is a pretty good tune (the other is Jeff’s dad and he’s kinda mean)” Dat Last track had betrekking op Goodbye. Een liedje dat prima past in de traditie van Sufjan Stevens, Bon Iver en Mutual Benefit. - Gobsmag

"7 Eclectic Indie Music Videos" - Yabyum West

"Late February Singles"

Fans of the acoustic work on Modest Mouse’s Good News album will love the unique vocal style and swaying, shambling, enthusiastic folk arrangement of this tune. The lilting, floating horns/string arrangement is excellent. - Independent Clauses

"New Music | moonweather – “Weathering”"

A tune that belongs to a ballroom. Lovely, delicate piece from mystical trio moonweather. - Queen Beetch

"moonweather "Burn Me""

If you were to look up ernest unassuming indie rock in the dictionary*, it would just send you to watch the video for moonweather’s “Burn Me”, a catchy extremely animated (both literally for the video and figuratively for the music) song that would make any of the Elephant 6 jealous with it’s orchestration.

*{if you have a dictionary with this as a listing, please let me know, that’s my kind of dictionary} - Pop Occulture


'Overgrown' is our sophomore album, released February 2019

'Sit Down Be Small' is our debut album, released April 2017. 



“My problems might be small, but they feel overgrown,” says moonweather’s Bobby Burgess regarding their forthcoming album.

moonweather is a band of transience and realism. Having just completed their second full-length album Overgrown, a storied reflection on aging and on problems that seem insignificant on their own, but together compound into bigger issues, the close-knit Cincinnati group is a prime example of musicians with a killer work ethic working together toward mainstream success.

The process behind Overgrown was simple, but it was anything but easy; over the course of three months, co-founder Colin Hoell would fly from his home in San Francisco to Cincinnati OH, where moonweather’s other members live. Time constraints prevented the band from doing anything but writing and recording over the weekend, which allowed time during the week to reflect on the process and make the necessary improvements. Over several months, Overgrown became tangible: a case study on growing older and acknowledging the issues you’ve accrued and a testament to the band’s talent and verve.

Bubbling forth with frothy, electric energy, hiding thoughtful wistfulness behind cheerful pageantry and reverberant vigor, Overgrown is a humming incursion into friendship and collaboration that grows ever more fascinating and endearing the more you listen.

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