We are an improvisational psychedelic duo who blends acid-folk, krautrock, drone, no-wave, and world psych-funk with Eastern, pagan and tribal influences. Our live sets are immersive, hypnotic, transcendental jams intended to transport the audience to a new psychic realm.


Moonwood began as a solo project of multi-instrumentalist improviser Jakob "Coyote Moon" Rehlinger (also owner of the small Toronto-based label Arachnidiscs Recordings). Early Moonwood recordings (beginning 2007) were firmly rooted in the psych-improv and acid-folk genres inhabited by the likes of Charlambides and Six organs of Admittance.

When Jakob took Moonwood out of the studio and onto the stage to support his "River Ghosts" LP in 2011, he enlisted the help of girlfriend Jacqueline Noire on percussion and flute duties to fill in the sound. She soon expanded her role with beautiful, soaring, free-form, stream of consciousness vocalizations and became an integral part of the project.

With Jakob live-looping spaced-out, psychedelic, Eastern surf guitar textures and fuzz over heavy tribal beats, and Jacqueline taking on analog synth, the duo's immersive wall of transcendental psychedelia reached its full potency. Moonwood was soon casting their set-long spells on small but entranced Toronto and Montreal audiences in bars and loft-parties.

While rave reviews for Jakob's folkier solo work began to pour in from sources like Foxy Digitalis, A Closer Listen, Terrascope and Weird Canada, Moonwood had drifted away from acid-folk towards the deep, heavy, psychedelic jams of bands like Pocahaunted and Sunburned Hand of the Man, but with obvious, reverent nods to classic Krautrock and no-wave bands such as Neu!, Can, Sonic Youth, and Swans.

To reflect this shift, they began releasing live recordings of their rehearsal jams on their website and Soundcloud to document their progression while they work on their next LP (due in 2013) which will feature Jacqueline's full input. In the meantime, Jakob has released a cassette of Krautrock/space disco, "Trans Martian Express", on Toronto's Pleasence Records.


New Hymns for Children of a Dying Dream Drowning in a Poison Stream (CD, 2007, Arachnidiscs)
Forest Ghosts (CD, 2008, Arachnidiscs)
Aubade (CD, 200, Arachnidiscs9)
Coal Aberrations (CD, 2010, Arachnidiscs)
River Ghosts (LP, 2011, Arachnidiscs)
The Path (Cassette, 2011, Arachnidiscs)
The Strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the Strength of the Wolf is the Pack (CD, 2012, Arachnidiscs)
Cosmic Draggin' (Cassette EP, 2012, Jeunesse Cosmique)
Soul Oaks (Cassette EP, 2012, Arachnidiscs)
Trans Martian Express (Cassette, 2013, Pleasence Records)

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