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Lawrenceburg, Indiana, United States

Lawrenceburg, Indiana, United States
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This band has not uploaded any videos



"MoonZoomer Landing"

"Music that is out of this World. You won't want to miss the second coming of the Zoomian Star! The Zoom Moon is Rising."

Brian Douglas
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MoonZoomer is a recent collaboration of two established artists. Roger Drawdy and The Firestarters, and Peppertown/ Pure Grain. Both bands have toured the country and overseas respectively and have had over 14 internationally distributed CD releases since 1999. The members of MoonZoomer have much experience performing on large stages/festivals to large crowds. 20000+ MoonZoomer was a co-producer of the 2008 Concert Earth Environmental Fair



The story of how MoonZoomer began is a tale of mystery and legend…

Brian DeBruler was happily minding his own business recording music in his Bright Audio studio; performing with several bands on drums and various other percussive instruments, and basically living a care free life; When suddenly one night while gazing up at the stars he noticed someone had left a message on his answering machine.
The voice was that of long-time friend Irish singer-songwriter and space navigator Roger Drawdy, the message was very cryptic, something like, “Hey man, what’s happening” or other general salutations one might leave on an answering machine; but it became clear to Brian that something was indeed happening. Several years later it dawned on the pair what that something was. Both men had begun to hear a strange music being performed by an invisible band in their brains somewhere close to the medulla oblongata. It would take a group of scientific experts to piece together the puzzle of this mysterious music. The two men got busy recruiting just such a team.

Mr. Mike Mount, local professor of guitar wizardology, and noted lunar dream research consultant was called in to unravel the coded sequence of the music. Using his many years of guitar playing expertise and several small electronic devices he was able to transmit and amplify the brain signal into an amazing guitar phenomenon.

Research conducted by Bass playing genius Arthur Chaney in the extreme low frequency groove vibration area proved to be highly successful in compatibility testing. After adding the organic percussion finesse talents of highly renowned tree spirit, and plant whisperer Michelle D’Amico it became evident that there was a distinct signal pulse being transmitted through the music.

Futher experimentation would conclude that when all of the musical instruments were played simultaneously the signal could be translated into the human language. Once this powerful discovery was made the MoonZoomer Code was revealed; prompting one onlooker to remark, “Wow, you can really hear it”. And another to say, “ Yes, you can”.

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