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COMEDY A CAPPELLA!!! Wild, wacky, family-friendly music and improvisation. "Saturday Night Live meets the Mormon Tabernacle Choir!" ---Aviva Arts Media, Boulder, CO)


It might have been the bald man in the fourth row coughing popcorn up his nose because he was laughing so hard. It might have been that same man thanking the band for an amazing, fun show that both he and his teenaged son both loved. It might have been the hundreds of electified school audiences, the awards, the accolades, or the radio play. Whatever it was, somewhere along the line moosebutter figured out they had something different.

Created in Salt Lake City in 1999, moosebutter is an international award-winning and national-touring comedy a cappella ensemble. Born from a traditional college-style a cappella group, when Tim Jones took what he and the rest of the group liked most about a cappella – the novelty and comedy – and began creating new comedy songs and quirky renditions of known works. Quickly establishing a reputation as a seriously funny and strangely musical ensemble, moosebutter dissolved in 2001.

After a year of craving the crazy melodic moosebutter fix, Jones moved to a new city and found Glen Sawyer, Weston Wride, and Chris Harris, veterans of choirs, a cappella groups, and theater, who helped push moosebutter forward, develop their distinctive sound, and establish a national reputation as unique music and comedy entertainment. moosebutter developed an enormous repertoire of original, parody and novelty songs, allowing them to craft many distinct shows for schools, public concerts, performing arts programs, arts festivals, fairs, and corporate events.

After several years of incorporating other singers and musicians into their show, and relying on vocalists from other excellent area ensembles to fill in for shows and on tours, moosebutter branched out in 2006 with two distinctive groups – moosebutter Rocky Mountains East, based in the Boulder area of Colorado, and moosebutter Rocky Mountains West, based in Provo, UT. Each group has developed their own unique sound while retaining the core clean, goofy goodness that has brought moosebutter international acclaim. Each group is made up of the finest comedic musicians in each respective area.

moosebutter won first runner-up, and top American group, at the 2003 Harmony Sweepstakes International finals, also capturing the Best Original Song award. They placed second in the 2005 Los Angeles and 2006 Chicago Harmony Sweepstakes regionals, won the audience favorite award at the San Francisco regional in 2003 and in Chicago in 2006, were semi-finalists in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella in 2003, have won multiple Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards (Best Comedy Song, 2004, runner-up Best Comedy Album and Best Comedy Song, 2003), were featured on the compilation albums Dr. Demento’s Basement Tapes 2005 and Sing II (2005). Their 2006 tour took them to fairs, festivals, schools and concert halls in Utah, Chicago, Montana, Wyoming, North Dakota, Idaho, North Carolina, and Massachussetts.

moosebutter is in high demand as vocal competition clinicians, special educational program presenters, artistic consultants, studio vocalists, group performance coaches, event MCs… not to mention as superb entertainment for any event.
promo videos available on youtube - search for 'moosebutter.'


Uncle Earl's Hairpiece

Written By: Timothy Jones

Once I was eaten by a man-eating great white shark
Once I was crushed by an anvil when it fell from the sky
Once an old man in a wicker chair smote me with his mind powers
Once I leapt off a cliff when I thought I could fly

But of all the things that happened, being shot or boiled in hot grease
Yeah, of all the things that happened
They can't be as bad as the time I ate my Uncle Earl's hairpiece

Once I was pursued across the Bering Strait by mafiosa eskimos
I had two tons of uranium surgically embedded in my head
I was chewed upon by hungry kittens of a rare Siberian white tiger
Scary guys from Fiji made me use a hot volcano for my bed

But of all the things that happened, being stoned or insulted by my niece
Yeah of all the things that happened
They can't be as bad as the time I ate my Uncle Earl's hairpiece

Uncle Earl is not known for his hygiene
Oooh Chaka Khan
He has the aroma of old cod
Zeegan za Fleegan
He's perfected perfuse perspiration
Sweaty uncle! Bleah bleah!
Believe me his flavor's very odd

Once I was trampled by a crazed mob of teenage girls
I found myself on the business end of Genghis Khan's wrath
My innards were consumed by a virulent alien bacteria
My poor brain was pureed when I tried to do math

But of all the things that happened, licking feet or chewing on fleece
Yeah of all the things that happened
They can't be as bad as the time I ate my Uncle Earl's hairpiece

Once I was blindsided by a hurricane and carried off to fairyland
I spent six long years employed as a dummy that they used for crashing cars
I was slowly stalked and taken out by poorly wardrobed culinary ninjas
I was punished for my jokes and exiled to the darker side of Mars

But of all the things that happened, being gonged or mistaken by Maurice
Yeah of all the things that happened
They can't be as bad as the time I ate my Uncle Earl's hairpiece

It was sitting on the kitchen table
I mistook it for a corn soufflé
I had eaten nearly seven-twelfths of that wretched thing
Before I realized my mistake!

Looks like hair
Feels like hair
Tastes like hair
Not real hair
I don't wanna eat hair


Written By: Timothy Jones

I love you.
You love Doug.
I don't really like Doug.

You love Doug.
Doug loves Martha.
Martha don't really like Doug.

Doug loves Martha.
Martha loves Brad.
Brad don't really like Doug.

Brad loves Sue.
Sue loves TRUTH.
TRUTH don't really like Doug.



[Background Vocals]


see dee, 2002
udder won, 2005
dee's ember, 2006

hear the music!

Set List

Shows of 25 - 120 minutes. Set varies depending on venue and audience demographic. Different sets for theater shows, kid's programs, educational/outreach programs. Special holiday program.

Each show includes:
Improv comedy songs (topical/custom humor)
Song requests (impromptu tunes from audience suggestions)
New topical parody songs
Custom content for events and clients

Theater/festival songs:
Captain Organic Vegetable Man
Harry Potter
Star Wars
Uncle Earl's Hairpiece
The Valentine's Day Song
Cell Phone
Wild Thing
Witch Doctor
O Pretty Baby
The Happy Tile Cleaner
Dark Creature

Kid's/Educational programs:
The Alphabet Song
The Storm is Passing Over

Holiday program:
Deck the Halls
12 Days of Christmas
Jingle Bell Rock
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
This Christmas (original)
Fruitcake (original)
Prosthetic Santa (original)