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"Mooseknuckle brings a new sound to Summit"

Tired of the jamband scene, Bob Smith decided if he wanted to hear something different, he'd have to make it himself. He started playing with drummer Tim Rafferty (aka Joonya) and soon auditioned bass player Jeb Milne to form the "anti-hippie jam" band, Mooseknuckle.

"I guarantee we're the hardest rock group in Summit County," Smith said.

The band just released its first album, "Tongue in Groove...And Your Rock 'N' Roll Supplemental." The name itself references the two different sounds found within the album.

"Tongue in Groove" is the writing style of Rafferty who sites influences like the Beastie Boys, Run-D.M.C. and Rage Against the Machine, and the harder rock components (influenced by Led Zeppelin and Ozzy Osbourne) were written by Smith. Milne wrote one song, which the group describes as punk, and is based on the death of a friend.

The guys spent a few months in a Denver studio recently putting the album together and said they learned a lot in the process.

"You get to explore as far as a song goes---what works and what doesn't. I do 100 leads instead of one and pick out the best one," Smith said.

Milne also said he's developed a better ear for music from the repetition involved in studio work.

The band, which rehearses in Alma, is psyched to have their first album finished. And since each of the musicians is currently holding a day job, right now they are hoping to get their music to as many new fans as possible.

Mooseknuckle's got the holidays covered with live shows booked on Thanksgiving and Christmas weekends at teh Gold Pan in Breckenridge and a free Halloween show at Sherpa & Yeti's. They perform tonight at the South Park Saloon in Alma. The new CD will be available at their shows.
- Summit Daily News

"Interview with Mooseknkuckle"

copy of interview coming soon - KSMT Radio


Mooseknuckle:Tongue N Groove... and Your Rock N Roll Supplemental Vol. 1

Second album in the works.



Originally from Delaware, Joonya started playing drums at age 10 and keyboards at 23. The fact that he can play drums, keyboards and sing lead vocals all at the same time is absolutely incredible. Few musicians out there can multitask musically on that level. He is larger than life during performances. Joonya’s notorious for his jokester style, dancing with the crowds and walking on bars. He is also the drummer for Mystery Achievement a Pretenders tribute band in Summit County Colorado. Joonya’s music style is groove oriented and reminiscent of Run-DMC the Beastie Boys and 80’s Hip Hop.

Bob ”learned to play at 16. Played for 20 years ‘til I felt good enough to play in public. Worked in the bars for years watching people that sucked at guitar, get paid for it, and decided it was time for me to get in the game and kick some ass.” Bob gets rockin’ with the hard driving guitars from Sabbath, Metallica, and Zeppelin.

Jeb started playing bass in high school, when as a recreational guitar player, was asked to play bass for one gig. Moved to Blue River in '93, eventually began playing bass for Summit/Alma bands such as Potato, Miltones, Blue Money and Blue Monkey. His first practice with Mooseknuckle was in Nov. '04. Predominant bass influences: Rock, Reggae, Led Zeppelin.

The 3 met through mutual friends in Breckenridge, CO in 2004 and realized that despite their unique styles they intermingle harmoniously. Blending 75 covers from the 60’s thru the 90’s and their own original songs they appeal to a wide base of tastes. They are an amazing band to hear because their unexpected line up covers all the bases for rock n roll, funk, dance music, a little reggae and even some punk. It is difficult to put a single label of style on the band.

With their zany sense of humor and a giant gong, these 3 guys make an intense, fun, and original show. Their eclectic mixture of talents really makes it seem like you are seeing a 7- piece wall of sound. So, secure your loose clothing and equipment and take a ride on the Mooseknuckle roller coaster.