Des Moines, Iowa, USA

Rock-Jam Band: A high-energy rollercoaster musical experience. Touching on many genres while remaining true to rock, the band acheives success by making bodies move. The jam and jazz influence can be heard in improvisational sections that will appear within our raw and original songs. Thank You!


MooseKnuckle is a four-piece jam-rock band from Des Moines, IA. The instrumentation of the band is guitar, bass, keys, and drums with intriguing lead vocals and harmony. Rock and roll is the theme of the jazz-educated musicians of the band, while still touching on genres such as: blues, bluegrass, zydeco, Latin, dance, funk, reggae, folk, and more. Craig Mustard of Temperature 0 Productions had this to say about MooseKnuckle: “Their interpretation of improvised rock will fill your head and move you spinning. They got a sound of their own and its filled with rippin' guitar, an onslaught of eclectic keys and the steady rumbles of thick bass and drum. This guarantees a night of movin' on the dance floor!!!”
MooseKnuckle is scheduled to record their second album in early March, and expects a release date of April 1, 2011.
Most recently, the band has been expanding regionally to neighboring cities like Iowa City, Ames, Mason City, Kansas City, and Lincoln & Omaha Nebraska. MooseKnuckle has shared the stage with Marco Benevento Trio, U-Melt, The Big Wu, Garj Mahal, Family Groove Company, Los Lonely Boys, Little Ed & the Blues Imperials, as well as many other talented groups. They have been featured at Little Big Fest, 80/35, Cityview’s Brewfest, and the Summercamp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL.
The band’s hit song Fantastic Jungle can be found on iTunes, and was derived from the song-writing talent of MooseKnuckle front-man Nathan Finestead. Without skipping a beat, Finestead moved from guitar to keyboards, where his musicality and soloing ability can take new forms. His library of songs range from toe-tapping, rhythm-based hits and story-telling narratives, to familiar sounds with unexpected twists.
Supporting vocalist and bass player Jason Kent has an great ear for harmony. His steady and aggressive bass lines drive the band, while his vocals and backing vocals weave through the songs. Before forming MooseKnuckle, Kent’s past experience includes Intersteller Bus Stop, Hyde Park, and his leading role in the Kent Brothers.
When the drumming position was vacant in 2007, Finestead and Kent asked long-time friend Eric Biase to fill the position. Biase’s high energy and hard-working attitude has brought the band to new levels. Biase states that one of his favorite aspects of MooseKnuckle is the variety of styles represented as he has played many genres including gospel, Latin, blues, classic rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, jam and rock.
The newest member of the band, Garrett Schmid, is originally from Chicago, IL, and brings his jazz and rock mixture to the table with intricate finger work and inspiring solos. He has quickly made his way into the hearts of MooseKnuckle fans, and continues to develop his sound in the band. Schmid studied music at the University of Vermont.
The four musicians have combined to create music that is cutting-edge while being accessible to their growing audiences. Their carnival-ride of music takes the listeners on a journey throughout the night, and inspires dancing from even the most timid. With a new CD on the way, and the future prospects of this diligent group, you won’t want to miss your chance to see MooseKnuckle! Thank you


MooseKnuckle (self-titled)
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Set List

Can fill up to 5 hours of music. We do originals and covers. With notice, we can add any song to our repertoire for your event :)

Fantastic Jungle
Caterpiller Thriller
Take Me Home
Mr. Smiles
Way Out West
9 Lives
Crazy Cathy
The Gimp
The Woman with Two Faces
Beanfields in Disneyland
The Knuckle
Searchin' for the Sound
Vampire Empire
The Day Love Died
Cookin' Up the Biscuits
Funky Food
Dirty Little Rabbit Ears
Bad Habits
Granola Honey
Granola Honey Part II
The Praying Mantis

Safety Dance
Meet the Zony Mash
The Walrus
Get Out My Life Woman
Saw Her Standing There
Why Don't We Do it in the Road
First Tube
Mike's Song
Franklin's Tower
Shakedown Street
Music Never Stopped
Big Railroad Blues
Wind Cries Mary
Look Out Cleveland
Let it Bleed
Big River
After Midnight
Suzy Greenberg
Etc. (Many More)