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Moot Davis


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"Moot Davis is primed to be the leader in the new insurgent country music scene."  -Entertainment Today.  

Moot's self-titled debut stands among the finest sounding honky tonk records ever made.
"The music that pours out of this little spinner is amazing! If you love traditional, hillbilly honky-tonk......... you will go crazy for Moot's sound" -Bill Groll, Austin Americana

Moot Davis was born in Trenton, N.J., on March 30, 1975 to a family of West Virginian heritage. He and his brother grew up with strong values and a solid family foundation. Raised in New Jersey, but sounding like he was born in the backseat of a roadster parked in front of the Grand Ole’ Opry circa 1935, Moot is a modern honky tonk singer who sounds as if he’s been frozen in time.

During high school, Moot never excelled at sports or academics. But it was there that he first heard Johnny Cash and Hank Williams, a discovery that would lead to his strong songwriting ability and "down home" singing and playing style.

After school Moot did stints as a laborer, pool builder and an actor. He performed across the U.S. and Europe in "The Glass Menagerie", "Our Town", and "Don Quixote" among others. In fact, he saw such success as an actor that he moved to New York to continue his career. Then one night Moot accepted a dare and sang at an open mike. It was at that point that he chose music over theatre. "My headshots turned a really weird color," says Moot, "and I took it as a sign and got out of acting. I got a call from a local radio station and next thing I knew I was on WDVR-FM, out of Sergeantsville, NJ. They had a live weekly hillbilly radio show called "Heartlands Hayride". Fred Boenig created and ran the "Hayride" later helped me record my first real demo."

On October 15, 2001 Moot moved to Nashville, TN. It was there that he began working on his own brand of hellacious honky tonk and started sending out demos, one landing in the lap of Little Dog Records. One listen and everyone at the label was hooked. Exactly one year after moving to Nashville, he was on a plane to Los Angeles to make a record with multi-platinum, Grammy award winning producer, Pete Anderson. The end result is the self-titled CD, Moot Davis. From the first notes of the upbeat "Thick Of It Now" to the haunting strains of "Last Train Home", Moot Davis may be the finest sounding honky tonk record ever made.

Moot Davis and The Cool Deal (featuring Pete Anderson on lead guitar) will be touring the United States to support Moot Davis throughout 2003-2004. They will be available for radio station visits, in-stores, and interviews.