Mootz Moody

Mootz Moody


Rural Rock and Roll. Truth without the sermon. Love and loss. Sin and rememption. Life and death.


"I am inspired by American music" explains the Oklahoma-born singer-songwriter. "Rock and roll, traditional country and blues are all very much a part of what I do."

The result is a fusion of influences; defying categorization as much as it invites it.

"I call it rural rock and roll, but it's best left up to the listener to decide, based upon how my music makes them feel."

Mootz and his band have performed with a variety of artists; Top 40 Country's "Hot Apple Pie" and Danielle Peck, 80's underground alternative act "Mission of Burma" and LA-based, old-school, hip-hop quintet "Jurassic 5". Most recently, they have been booked to support up-and-coming Red Dirt/Texas Music acts; most notably, the Ryan Bales Band, the Bleu Edmondson Band and Eli-Young Band.

"We're not out of place anywhere. People respond to truth."


LP - Little World
LP - The Mootz Moody Band