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Phoenix, Arizona, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2008 | SELF

Phoenix, Arizona, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2008
Band Rock Punk




"Moovalya: Sixer EP"

If you have been reading this column for a while, you have heard about Moovalya before. They are a young punk band from Phoenix who are starting to make a name for themselves in punk rock. Sixer is a 6 track EP that is a mix of unreleased material and rerecording of some tracks they felt didn’t get the proper recording.

I really love Moovaly’s sound, energy, and attitude. Every track is fun, high energy, and full of piss and vinegar. They have the snottyness that was prevalent in early 90s Rancid and just enough hooks. Their lyrics are very youthful. They are full of unrest, dissatisfaction, self-discovery, and absolutes that only the young can embody. Anyone who grew up in the punk scene (and even those who didn’t) can identify about the time in your life that you felt any one of the emotions exemplified in these songs.

The stand out track on this album is Streetlight Streetlife. It is fast and furious and almost exhausting. There is enough thrashing to drive a pit and enough hooks to have them screaming along.

Moovalya has grown so much since their last release, their music and vocals are tight and I look forward to see how their lyrics will mature as they do. - CC2K

"Album Review"

I went to the first two Warped Tours, skipped a year, went back in 1998 and then stopped going for a while. Then one of the bands playing a local Warped date stayed with me in 2002, so I went back. I had an embarrassingly good time and started attending Warped Tour again. In recent years, the majority of bands on the tour play a very complicated new form of emo, with screamed lyrics over technically adept hardcore. Moovalya is more accessible than most contemporary new school emo-influenced punk. They’re the sort of band that can make older snobs understand the appeal of the present day Warped Tour sound. There’s a definite link from the music of the past to this newish form, but its immediate influence is itself. Chances are, the kids are having more fun than you are. Why not check out what they’re into? –Art Ettinger (Dagger Sight, - Razorcake


"Next up was Moovalya, who have been super involved with their local scene for a while, even running a record label that puts out comps of local music on a regular basis. They are punk rock to the bone, and brought out the moshpit to prove it. I was happy to see that the pit wasn’t violent, and that kids were helping each other up when they fell. Reminded me of the punk shows I used to go to back in the day." - Earn It Yourself

"Moovalya :: Old School Punk with a New Found Flair"

...a vibe that is fast, furious and full of that old school punk angst that rings true for so many. They have an explosive sound that will have you longing for an old school thrash straight from the jump. - Froglix Radio

"New Music – From Psychobilly to Pop Punk"

Their sound is very radio friendly and you could definitely imagine them on the Warped Tour some day. - Punk Outlaw

"KWSS 106.7 Independent Radio"

"Moovalya officially becomes a TMI homegrown hit" - The Morning Infidelity


" sounds like it could have emerged from that burgeoning pop punk scene of the late 1990s/early 2000s" - New Times Phoenix

"Very Indie Punk..."

Very indie punk almost emo enough to be the movielife,with a strike anywhere attitude and all in all it's just moovalya being themselves and doing it well.keep chewing cause this piece of gum never loses it's taste.
- Beth @ Punk of All Forms


Moovalya - Self Titled (I)

Moovalya - First Degree E.P.

Moovalya - Wasteland E.P.

Moovalya - Self Titled (II)

Moovalya - Sixer EP

Moovalya - Kings EP




Moovalya is a three piece melodic punk band hailing from Phoenix, AZ. Despite being the new guys in town, Moovalya busted down the doors of the Phoenix music scene in 2008. Fueled by the sounds of the 90's skate, 'epi/fat', punk rock heyday, they quickly released their debut album through their own independent label Dagger Sight Records, and began playing shows as much as possible, even attaining airplay. Since then, they've played several local festivals and fundraisers, scored a spot on Warped Tour, and released a full length in 2012. In 2013, Moovalya lined up their first West Coast tour, followed by a tour to the east and into Canada for Envol et Macadam. In 2016, the band completed their 3rd tour taking the band back up to Canada and down the west coast in support of their latest 7" vinyl release, Kings. Moovalya is currently writing music for their next record.

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