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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada | SELF
Band Rock Punk


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos




I hope I’m not breaking anyone’s heart when I say that rock music isn’t as cool as it once was. It could be argued that bands like the Black Keys have helped rock music find its way back into the limelight, but on a local level, it seems as if all the “rock” bands are made up of sad old men trying to create something original despite the fact that they sound like they’re stuck in 1965. I’m sure there are many rock bands who are truly original on the local circuit, but the first band doing this to make a mark on my radar is a little band called Morals.

Morals are raw, emotive and fast paced. They’ve got killer riffs and edgy drum beats. In short, they have everything rock and roll should be. Songs like “Free Agency” showcase musicianship without over indulgence and some really bad ass lyrics, while still maintaining enough raw emotion and catchy melodies to engage listeners of all tastes. At the end of the day, rock music should be about expression and having a good time, two traits that the guys in Morals obviously embrace and exemplify.

Live, Morals are at their best. These guys hold nothing back and put on one of the best live shows in Edmonton. What’s even more impressive is that, although they bring a ton of energy to the stage and completely immerse themselves in their performance, they’re still able to deliver the songs with the precision that exists on their recordings.

If you haven’t heard of Morals before, I recommend you check them out at the links below the great DIY music video. They’ve recently added a bass player in the form of Nick from This Is A Standoff, and from what Tim told me at the Pawnshop the other night, this has made them not only a tighter band, but also a fuller sounding band when they play live so be sure to go see them play. - Where's Ernie?


He Didn't Come Back For You - online single - Sept 11 2011
Taste Test EP - CD/digital download - Feb 2012



Formed in 2011 as a guitar/drum duo, Morals hit the Edmonton scene hard and fast. Guitarist Tim Hatchs' acidic guitar playing, Mike Gourleys' frenzied drumming and wildman vocals, combined with constant gigging, landed them an opening spot for Mudhoney later that year. This put the band into the local spotlight and between their unique sound and energetic live show they began to form a solid following.

Early 2012 saw the release of Morals' debut EP, as well as the addition of bassist Nick Kouremenos, formerly of The Johnsons (who landed a slot on the very first sled island) and This Is A Standoff. By summer 2012, they emerged swinging with a newfound muscle courtesy of Nicks powerful, melodic bass playing, which began to get them headlining spots and dabbling in touring with the likes of Black Mastiff, Krang, Guttermouth, The Get Down, Babysitter and Slates.

With the writing of a new record almost complete and the news of landing a spot on the 2013 Pouzza Fest in Montreal, Morals will once again find themselves on the road, in the studio and ready to take on whatever future opportunities are presented to them.