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LP "Glamour, glamour!" 2008



It’s hard to rise but it’s harder to be worthy of being raised!

There are no strangers in this land... Everyone is equal and homeless here, like light and darkness.

Mordor - the last keeper and guard.

Evil ghosts rot in slimy and malodorous pits, they are kept chained under the control of the Dark Warriors of Mordor. While they are here - in the dungeons of the Eternal Land - they are faceless and hollow. But these creatures are cunning. Escapes are inevitable. Those who broke out from Mordor’s torture chambers are dangerous like a pack of mad hungry hyenas... When they are on the loose the Apocalypse is near! It is right behind you... Death and destruction, blood and impudence...

Don’t be afraid of darkness! It is beautiful as such. There is no light without it, as there’s no darkness without light. The darkness which pretends to be light is dangerous! The dirt, which poses itself as purity! Lie and betrayal are snake’s bites of bloodthirsty beasts... an attempt to hide from the All-Seeing Eye, they find shelter in human bodies. Syphilitics Hitler and Lenin. Vampires Stalin and Pol Pot. Who is next?

To find fugitives at all times Mordor sends its elite - ruthless Riders. Creatures don’t die themselves, that’s why Riders, with no fatigue and mercy, find escaped prisoners and drag them with iron hooks over the tormented land back to the dungeons where they will rot till the end of the world.

Riders of Mordor - keepers of a great weapon. A magic code is hidden in their message - music which shakes your soul with an anvil of industrial metal, and clouds your mind with a mix of bewitching trance. No one in this land has ever played such explosive music before. Violent dance metal will blow your body and brain and burst into your mind like electricity. Strain your ears to hear the lyrics and icy riffs of “Mordor”, and you will understand why rebellious ghosts writhe in pain, and spirits of light try to get back again and again into the dark and fabulous world of music - “Mordor”.. Four Riders, four Hunters - Orcus, Wolfgun, Hombre Pajaro and Boomzen-Boomzen.They have existed forever, hiding themselves among jungles of dark ice.... They were exploring our world with interest and amazement. But the cup is full and the sky is as sinister as ever!