Living up to their name, NYC's MORE weaves classic rock, metal and pop dynamics to create an aggressive and accessible sound that captures both the grit and slickness of the city the band calls home.


"Staying true to its name, more supplies a fountain of unrelenting hooks and pummeling rhythms that demand attention creating an aggressive and accessible sound that captures both the grit and slickness of the city the band calls home." - CMJ New Music Report

NYC rock band MORE was formed by singer Tom Morrissey, guitarist Neil Mack and bassist Steve Kutch when they decided to start a band that would reflect their rock, metal and pop influences. After several line-up changes drummer Cliff Kurdes and guitarist Tommy Zamp completed the current line-up.

MORE is equally at home in the studio and the stage. The band has released 3 albums and one EP: 2002 Someone Like No One, 2003 Second Time Around (Ep), 2005 Split the Difference, produced by Stacey O’Dell and Werner F and the current release Another Shot produced by Mike Barile (Candiria , 40 Below Summer,E-town Concrete )and the band.

MORE has played hundreds of shows in support of their releases on both the west coast and East coast as well as Canada while their songs have received radio play in Europe, over 250 college stations nationwide and several spins on NY’s #1 rock station q104.3.
MORE’s edgy yet accessible sound has earned the guys thousands of hits a month at their website and ever growing 40,000 +fan base at ( MORE’s high energy live show has also allowed them to share the stage with such diverse national acts as Beastie Boys, Crossfade, Fear Factory, Stage, Debbie Harry, No Address, Drowning pool and Sponge among others.

The efforts of the guys in MORE have not gone unnoticed. They have been featured and received favorable reviews in both local and national press such as The NY Post, CMJ magazine, Yellow Rat Bastard, Complex Magazine, All Music Guide and Alternative (see

MORE plans to tour extensively throughout the country in 2007 in support of current and latest release, Another Shot, which has already begun to gain a positive response from both fans and industry alike.

MORE continues to live up to their reputation as a well-packaged band ready to break out- All Music Guide.


Another Shot(2007)
Split the Difference (2005)
Second Time Around (2003)
Someone Like No One (2002)

Set List

Typical sets in NYC rock clubs are approximately 40-45 minutes. Current set list includes:
Songs from All Three MORE releases.

The group has enough solid material to play at least 2 hours.