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Traverse City, Michigan, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Traverse City, Michigan, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter




"Maker's Market Welcomes The Accidentals"

"If you haven’t heard of The Accidentals yet, you must not be from Traverse City. These two high-school girls have been blowing up around northwest Michigan, becoming one of the most popular local artists over the past few months. Savannah Buist and Katie Larson write indie-pop-folk tunes with such a freshness and innocence that only teenagers could, but they do so with the confidence and talent of artists much more experienced. We’re totally excited to have The Accidentals play at this year’s Maker’s Market! Music is a big part of our day and we’re happy to support budding local musicians. (Especially those so sweet as these girls) - Makers Market

"It's No Accident!"

"Musicality, originality and melodic beauty combine with a welcome, and unexpected bite to clever lyrics." "Such talent, wit, and enthusiasm are hard to find anywhere. So I'll say it's a good thing we have The Accidentals nearby. A duo giving an edge to folk with unique instrumentation is as close as I can come to describing them. A must hear! Songwriters need look no farther to find a new pairing to be jealous of, especially with such a bright future ahead of them." - Z93 Radio - Matt Mansfield

"Accidentally Awesome"

"Listening to Traverse City duo The Accidentals (a name even more witty than it sounds, as it refers to musical terminology) is something quite different than what you might expect. The buzz around these two singer-songwriters is that they’re up-and-coming local musicians who have just released their first CD, Tangled Red and Blue, and that they’re playing impressive, quirky live shows around town. Back to that first listen, their original songs carry titles like “Eye to Eye,” “Jargon,” and “The Band-Aid Song,” all of which feature an eclectic range of sounds (both play at least a half-dozen instruments - each) as well as carefully-constructed harmonies and lead vocals that recall Juliana Hatfield, Joni Mitchell, or Metric’s Emily Haines. It’s difficult to believe that music this accomplished is being crafted by two talents who are still in high school - but that’s The Accidentals’ story. "-? Kristi Kates -Northern Express Magazine 7/2012 - Northern Express Magazine

"The Accidentals- Top Unsigned Band in America Right Now"

Every once in a while there comes a musical act that astonishes and amazes everyone who has the pleasure of hearing their music. But this is an understatement when it comes to The Accidentals. They will captivate you with vocal harmonies and acoustic instrumentation. They will tickle your eardrums with such delicacy that you will believe you are daydreaming. And they will do that time and time again; song after song. Without a doubt, they are among the most talented teenage bands that have formed during these last years. You see, Katie Larson and Savannah Buist just graduated from high school this past May of 2014. They are The Accidentals and the ones responsible for your audial pleasure.

Coming out of Traverse City, Michigan, both come from musical families with musical backgrounds that range from classical and jazz to bluegrass and country. Although most of the songs do fall under the alt-country or folk genre, some of the songs like the melancholic “Bulletproof Glass,” the bluesy “Ghost of a Lie,” and the pop-reggae “Benign Disollution,” you will love even if you are not fan of the folk genres. This is what makes their songs so appealing, you enjoy the song instead of trying to dismiss it into constraining labels.

Their second indie album, Bittersweet, is available on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. After hearing them, you might think, “Why are they not signed with a major label already?” But they are doing great as indie artists. The Accidentals have received excellent reviews from the media, have won Traverse magazine’s award for “Red Hot Best,” have played over 500 shows, are in the process of recording their third album, are planning a tour through Europe, had several of their songs featured in the indie film “Please Wait to be Seated,” produced the score to another indie film, and still have time to compose and film a music video to raise funds for childhood cancer research. Incredible!

This video was filmed by The 585 Sessions from Boston and it’s my favorite. The song “Bulletproof Glass” is in the Bittersweet album. In the album version, they are accompanied by drums and stand-up bass. This is another great live version where it’s only Savannah on guitar and Katie on the cello.

What do you think about The Accidentals. Comment below.

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"Music with a Purpose- Get to Know The Accidentals"

Aside from my work with PopWrapped as a staff writer, I’m a freelance music journalist who primarily publishes his articles through Yahoo! Voices. It was my first real venture into journalism, and I’ve enjoyed a good bout of personal success because of it; mainly in the firm of e-infamy. As time went on and my articles began to pick up more steam, music acts began coming to me for potential reviews and interviews.

Amongst these musicians are an up-and-coming alternative folk band from Traverse City, Michigan called The Accidentals. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this two-piece ensemble crafted by high schoolers Savannah Buist and Katie Larson may be the best unsigned group out in the music realm, period, right now! They’re genuinely great, and, well, here’s why:

Their riveting folk-driven instrumental stylings bode well for the modern radio scene, but with that said, there’s a heck of a lot more to ‘em than that. Their collective sound, to me, manages to meld together that timeless and tender, brutally true yet altogether tumultuous tone carried by Bob Dylan with the clever, modern playfulness of First Aid Kit or Meiko dashed in there for good measure. The end result is this purely idiosyncratic, surprisingly masterful young musical duo who are nothing short of a joy to listen to across their two albums that are currently out: Tangled Red and Blue (2012) and Bittersweet (2013).

The latter of the two aforementioned records are what the girls had sent my way in a press email for review, and let me tell you, you would not believe that these ideas are coming from the minds of a couple of teenaged girls.

Throw out every stereotype, because these women are well beyond their years. They still know how to have some great fun (indicative in tracks like “Miso Soup”), but there are also some moments across both of their albums that are surprisingly introspective. The Accidentals observe the finer intricacies of life as matter-of-factly as they can croon their way across a track about finding love at the local grocery, and the attention to detail paired with their own individuals cadences always makes for something absolutely special.

Taking a quick trip to YouTube will bring about the fact that Savannah and Katie don’t just make a great studio band, but make for legitimately awesome live listening experiences across the multiple concerts per year in which they perform.

Their performance of “Bulletproof Glass” from off of Bittersweet in Boston prove that, even with their deeply introspective way of performing, they have this particular electricity that immediately draws you into their world. In a ton of ways, relating to your audience is even more important than throwing on a major spectacle. They show just why this is, with an intimate grace totally knowing of their deep subject material; something impressive for someone well into their 50s as an artist, let alone their teens!
All of the above is why it should be no surprise that the girls have secured a deal with the Traverse Symphony Orchestra, which will see the TSO backing them up for an upcoming performance of their song “Mangrove” on July 19th! A hopeful arrangement driven by intrigue, it seems to be the perfect Accidentals composition worthy of symphonic accompaniment.
For all of the latest on the when and the where, I encourage you to follow The Accidentals on Facebook and Twitter!

Furthermore, why not give their two albums a listen over Spotify, or even purchase them on iTunes? It’s not that hard. C’mon. Do it. Those are 20 bucks you’ll be glad you threw at the computer screen!

To close? There’s not much else to say. To make a long story short, they’re going to hit it big one day and it’ll be wholly deserved. So, be the hipster you know you want to be and jump on the bandwagon before it leaves the station, because it won’t be long before it embarks on its traversal into superstardom! - Jonathan Frahm- Popwrapped

"The Accidentals- The Best Unsigned Band in America?"

One of the best unsigned bands in America is a duo of 18 year old women from Traverse City, Michigan. Home of the National Cherry Festival. That is a long way from wherever current pop "role models" Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber live, but the Mitten state grows as much talent as fruit, and it has since John Lee Hooker moved up to perform for Automobile workers after the big one.

Katie Larson and Savannah Buist are recent graduates of the first singer-songwriter major program at Interlochen Center for the Arts. It is one of the most acclaimed music schools in the world, yet the Accidentals are far from snooty. They have somehow managed to retain an authenticity and heartbreaking musical pathos I equate with the school of Harry Smith and Alan Lomax. I have every reason to believe The Accidentals will achieve the level of American greats. You would think me kidding if I named a few in the sphere I think of, but then I saw the 27-Grammy Award winning Alison Krauss perform at age 18 too, and as Levon Helm once said "lightning can strike twice" after all. I have seen the Accidentals perform and felt those sparks, and if dear Levon were still here I would tell him. I am not exaggerating. The Accidentals could have owned Levon's barn stage easily, and I know that too.
The Accidentals could already be considered successful, I suppose, with FIVE HUNDRED gigs already behind them. Between them they play a dozen instruments. They sing, at times, with a perfect dissonant aching (some of which you can see in their faces as they occur in the clips here) and they support each other like hired professionals. They met at age 15 in public school, maintained their 3.9 grade points and practiced. They both come from musical families. I have chosen to include two acoustic performances here, but in performance they can rock. Their live act is frequently electric. The stage patter and presence is polished but real. They switch instruments before the song they have finished sinks in. A 45 minute set passes like a train. They already have more good originals than most hit acts, and their tastefully eccentric list of covers, well... covers the gamut. They pack performing space with a multi-generational mix any act would beg for. Their song The Silence has talon hooks, a mature mastery of dynamics and is as good as anything I've heard in a decade. The studio version is HERE and you will find the lyrics HERE. It approaches standard. If you write songs, you know what standard means.

And they will grow.

I am not producer, critic or musician, but I have seen a good two dozen of the performers in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and many of them in venues smaller than the Accidentals regularly play. I have been fortunate enough to have made a few small contacts in the music world… if my post here reaches any of them I will have done what I can, and when one day one of them says to me "why didn't you tell me" I won't have to say I didn't try.

The Accidentals website is HERE. Their Music is HERE. They have a YouTube Channel. If they play near you, and they will, see them. Thank you to critic and writer John Sinkevics for alerting me to The Accidentals - Jim Linderman- Dull Tool Dim Bulb blog


Still working on that hot first release.



      They met in 2011 at their public high school.  Katie (15) was a freshman cello player, “playing up” in the Philharmonic Orchestra and Savannah (16) was Concert Master, violinist. They volunteered for a class assignment that threw them together for their first rehearsal and The Accidentals were born.  

    Growing up in musical families with professional pianists for fathers and vocalist for mothers, their influences bounced between classical, jazz, bluegrass, country, alt-rock, and the obscure.  Their collective playlist you won’t find on mainstream radio.  They are “explorers and admirers” of indie music greats like Andrew Bird, St. Vincent, Sufjan Stevens, Arcade Fire, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah’s, Black Keys, Sarah Jaffe (and the Beatles).  Their original tunes reflect their exposure to a wide variety of instruments while staying true to their orchestral roots. In addition to playing guitar, bass, glockenspiel, mandolin, banjo, piano, organ, accordian, and can’t miss the edgy violin and cello that defines this duo.    
    In 2012 these two ladies auditioned for and snaged a covetted spot in the first ever singer-songwriter major at the renowned Interlochen Center for the Arts High School -around the time they released their first self-produced album, Tangled Red and Blue.  In early reviews of Tangled Red and Blue,  Kristi Kates, The Express, was the first to say what everyone was thinking,  “It’s difficult to believe that music this accomplished is being crafted by two talents who are still in high school - but that’s The Accidentals’ story.”

    In two short years (2011-2013) they would write and record two albums, play as guest artists on seven others, score three films, and land song placements in several commercials, documentaries, independent films, and music compilations while playing over five hundred live shows and maintaining a 3.9 + GPA.  
    The Accidentals opened for some of their favorite artists, Andrew Bird, Sixto Rodriguez (Sugar Man), Brandi Carlile, Aunt Martha, Rosco Bandana, and Lauren Mann. They hopped an RV to tour their home state of Michigan for a consecutive seven weeks while finishing and releasing their second album Bittersweet. The GR Press called their stage show “stunning, an unforgettable experience watching these two girls play a sea of instruments (twelve to be exact), moving effortlessly from one to the other, while entertaining the masses with their wit, haunting harmonies, and catchy melodies, they are truly unforgettable.”
    Fifteen track, Bittersweet, was recorded with award winning producers in Nashville and Indiana in March 2013.  According to UK Magazine, Leicester Bangs: “The lyrical flow is intriguing and absorbing – and so complex as to draw comparison to Joanna Newsom in full poetic flight.” DW Magazine, UK adds; “heady folk and sweet melodies embellish an accomplished set of songs - Larson and Buist have found their trademark sound but they’re not going to let it get in the way of a little diversity.”

    They were recently contracted to compose an original score for an independent film called "One Simple Question" to be released in 2014 and their songs "The Silence", "City of Cardboard", and "Miso Soup" have been selected for use in a second indie film, called "Please Wait To Be Seated", to be released in Mar. 2014.
    The Accidentals recently won Traverse Magazine’s “Red Hot Best” of Northern Michigan Music and reviews of their song “The Silence” landed them a featured artist spot on  Reverbnation’s home page and put their new album in rotation on CBS Radio.  It also garnered the attention of songwriting legend, Marshall Crenshaw and Grammy award winning engineer, producer Stewart Lerman. They recorded a 3 song EP with them in February. 

    The Accidentals journey is just beginning and they can’t wait for you to join them. After graduating from school, they are ready to continue touring and recording.  You can follow them on twitter at moreaccidentals, facebook at theaccidentals, and their website  You can contact them at

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