Livermore, California, USA

Catchy melodies, vibe into overdrive; listen to the message within. With over ten years of writing and performing together from the clubs to live radio to national openers we have proven our rock stands tall in Northern California. If you want a band “that sounds like...”, then look elsewhere.


San Francisco Bay Area based, we are Moreality. We thrive on creating a vibe and connecting with our audience. Combining a melodic approach to songwriting with old-school psychedelic and concert rock vibes, Moreality weaves time signature changes, tight instrumental interplay, and multiple vocal harmonies into songs with a familiar and dynamic flair. We have songs that range from blues and southern rock to progressive concert rock; all complimenting a diverse and entertaining listening experience.

Our show melds well into concert settings, and we have played national openers with Blue Oyster Cult, Eddie Money, The Pat Travers Band, The Tubes, Michael Schenker Group, Joe Lynn Turner and more. We’re known for working well with stage crew and promoters, but most for our impression on the audience and our fellow musicians. Including the events listed below, we have played over 230 shows.

Jeff Fish and Joe Davis share the roles of songwriters and guitar players for the band. While our styles commingle well, it is the contrast that gives the music depth and each our space to perform. Joe also adds a distinctive projected vocal style to many of Moreality’s tunes.

On keys, and as another of Moreality’s vocalists, Jeff Davis adds another dynamic to the vocal landscape. Having sang with his brother for over 25 years, the blend is unmistakable, but he also has a soaring rage to round out the band’s sound.

Bill Ziegler captures the feel and attitude of great drummer’s of the era, and is intuitive to the writing styles of the band. Last, enter bassist (Jerry Williams) who has kept in touch with the band for years, and seems destined to complete a kick-ass rhythm section. Now you have Moreality.

We have over 20 original songs we have worked on as a band, with many more to work through. We are seeking the right influence to produce our sound, and help us realize our full potential.

Where we have been:

• Relix Magazine - April/May 2006 issue & compilation CD - (Watch the Moon)

• The Morning Show with John Grappone (live in studio) – KSAN 107.7 FM 05/04/01
• Bone Home Town Campbell with Lamont and Tonelli – KSAN 107.7 FM 06/11/04
• Bone Home Town Albany with Billy Steele – KSAN 107.7 FM 08/27/04
• Bone Home Town Menlo Park with Steven Seaweed – KSAN 107.7 FM 05/20/05
• Bone Home Town Larkspur with Faith – KSAN 107.7 FM 06/10/05
• Bone Home Town Pleasanton with Steven Seaweed – KSAN 107.7 FM 07/15/05
• Bone Home Town Fairfax with Steven Seaweed – KSAN 107.7 FM 08/05/05
• 2006 Finalists - Last Band Standing – KFOX 98.5 Oct. 2006

Concerts: (opened for)
• The Pat Travers Band Pine St. - Livermore, Ca. 10/09/03
• The Pat Travers Band The Avalon Night Club - Santa Clara, Ca. 12/03/04
• The Frank Hannon Band Bourbon Street – Concord, Ca. 01/28/05
• The Frank Hannon Band The Avalon Night Club – Santa Clara, Ca. 01/29/05
• Blue Oyster Cult Fairfield Civic Center – Fairfield, Ca. 03/23/05
• Bone Bash VI (side stage) Shoreline Amphitheatre – Mountain View, Ca. 07/02/05
• Joe Lynn Turner The Avalon Night Club – Santa Clara, Ca. 11/02/05
• The Tubes The Avalon Night Club – Santa Clara, Ca. 05/26/06
• Eddie Money The Avalon Night Club – Santa Clara, Ca. 06/16/06
• Pat Travers Acoustic Kazem Gallery - Brentwood, Ca. 06/03/07
• Michael Schenker Group The Avalon Night Club – Santa Clara, Ca. 06/23/07
• The Pat Travers Band The Saddle Rack - Fremont, Ca. 09/13/07
• Eddie Money Fox Theater – Salinas, Ca. 11/20/08

Bourbon Street - Concord, Ca. The UK Cafe - Livermore, Ca.
Sweeney’s Station Four - Brentwood, Ca. Pine St. - Livermore, Ca.
Marino’s at El Balazo - San Ramon, Ca. The Crown Pub - Danville, Ca.
Downtown Ollie’s - Livermore, Ca. Mitchell Katz Winery – Pleasanton, Ca.
The Main St. Inn - Ripon, Ca. Sunol Events Center – Sunol, Ca.
The Time Out - Concord, Ca. The Broken Wheel Saloon – Oakley, Ca.
Vinnie’s - Concord, Ca. British Bankers Club – Menlo Park, Ca.
The Kings Head Pub – Campbell, Ca. 19 Broadway – Fairfax, Ca.
The Avalon Night Club – Santa Clara, Ca. Retzlaff Winery – Livermore, Ca.
Fairfield Civic Center – Fairfield, Ca. The Peasant & the Pear – Danville, Ca.
Shoreline Amphitheatre – Mountain View, Ca. Main St. Brewery – Pleasanton, Ca.
Marin Brewing Company – Larkspur, Ca. The Boathouse – Bethel Island, Ca.
Shorty’s – Martinez, Ca. Cabo Wabo – Stateline, Nv.
Dublin Sports Pub & Grill – Dublin, Ca. Babe’s Place – Livermore, Ca.
Blackhawk Grille – Danville, Ca. San Jose Harley Davidson – San Jose, Ca.
Tesla Vintners – Livermore, CA

Fairs, Festivals & Fun:
The Oakley Almond Festival - Oakley, Ca. 09/16/01
Day’s of Wine and Honey - Livermore, Ca. 05/04/02
The Contra Costa County Fair - Antioch, Ca. 06/01/02
Destination Livermore - Livermore, Ca. 08/04/02
The San Mateo County Fair - San Mateo, Ca. 08/10/02, 08/17/07
The P


Mad at the World

Written By: Joe Davis and Moreality

Society’s problem child has grown into a man.
Determined to live fluently, by anybody’s means.
He doesn’t care at all what you think or say,
cares nothing about the good old American way.
With instincts less than human, in a quite sadistic way,
he approaches you by midnight, nearly takes your life away.
Lucky all you lost was your wallet and some change.
A very mixed up mind in a world that’s very strange.
Mad at the world.

Well he’s mad at the world, but there's no one here to blame.
Such an innocent court, get caught up in his game.

She was just a schoolgirl, going on seventeen.
Barely started learnin’ what being grown up means.
He forced himself upon her in a most disgusting way.
Now they’ve come and locked him up, should throw the key away.
They’ll free him in a few years after rehabilitation,
tell him to be good, much to his frustration.
Will you be the one, who gets caught up in his path?
Just pray to God you’re not a victim of his wrath.
Mad at the world.

It's All Right

Written By: Joe Davis and Moreality

It’s 6am, and I crawl out of my bed
Take a deep breath, and I shake my tired head
One day again, I leave the family din
Coffee in hand, take to the road again

Just doesn’t feel right, just doesn’t seem right at all

The workday grinds, but my friends are quite alright
This ain’t too bad, its just not my slice of pie
The day goes on, no different than before
Finally I’m home, and I open up the door

Because I know, this is right, this is right at home, oh yea
You take your chances every day
And that’s just how it goes my friend.

Why do we live, a life we don’t enjoy
Why do we say things that we could avoid
Why must it be that everything is just a ploy
Think it out, and live life as love again

You know this is right, this right at home, oh yeah

There was a day, when we thought we had it all
And then it came, that one would have his fall
Then life went on much different than before
Now spared and healed, we look outside the door

What do you do, when a pearl outgrows its shell
Its trapped inside , so much you want to tell
Just suck it in, this all will soon refine
Until the day, you start to sip the wine.

‘Cause I know, its all right, its all right with me, oh yeah

Watch the Moon

Written By: Jeff Fish and Moreality

what's the matter
what's the pay
what's the issue
can you stay

what's the problem
pay the cost
what's the difference
are we lost

come for sun
and watch the moon
it could all be there
all you do is choose

keep it simple
and play it smart
keep the message
straight from the heart

watch your back
pray for rain
watch the cost
how you pay

sing a song
love tonight
everything always
turns out all right

come for sun
and watch the moon
it could all be there
all you do is choose

keep it simple
and play it smart
keep the message
straight from the heart

what's the difference
how you pay
time to make sure
that you're ok

what's the matter
what's the cost
what's the problem
we're not lost


Open - Released 2003 Available through CD Baby
Relix Magazine - April/May 2006 issue & compilation CD - (Watch the Moon)

Set List

Book the Farm
Days of our Lives
Dreams Fade
Hard to Make it
*Its All Right
*Mad at the World
On Your Own
Played for A Fool
She Hada Love
*Time Tells No Lies
Too Late For Love
Too Much Coffee
Want to Play Guitar
*Watch the Moon
*When Loves Ready
You Should Have Known
*Songs from the debut Moreality CD “Open”

AC/DC – Hells Bells, Sin City
Aerosmith - Mama Kin, Sweet Emotion
Alice in Chains – Rooster
Atlanta Rhythm Section – Spooky
The Babys – Midnight Rendezvous
Bad Company - Bad Company
The Beatles - Birthday, Come Together
The Black Crowes - Hard to Handle, Remedy
Black Sabbath - Paranoid
Blue Oyster Cult – Godzilla
The Cars – Bye Bye Love
Cream – Crossroads, White Room
Deep Purple - Smoke on the Water
The Doobie Brothers - Jesus is Just All Right
The Doors - LA Woman
Bob Dylan - All Along the Watchtower
Golden Earring – Twilight Zone
The Hollies – Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
Jimi Hendrix