Straight out of the Fox Valley area comes Morella, a 5-peice hardcore/brocore band who loves to play to good crowds and have a great time doing it. With a live performance sure to satisfy, crowds everywhere go crazy for Morella.


Morella is a Hardcore/Brocore band from the Aurora area, Illinois, under the influence of Emmure, The Acacia Strain, Recon, Ligeia, Liferuiner, and several other hardcore bands. Vince and Kyle started the band, wanting to bring something new to the scene. The two of them wrote two or three songs before looking for new members. Babak was the first to join Vince and Kyle as a vocalist. He then brought Josh into the band to play bass. After a couple of shows they all started to look for a second guitarist. Thats when Cliff came into the picture who was also another friend of Josh and Babak. The band now plays as a 5-peice.

Set List

Our set is usually about half an hour or so and is composed of an intro and six other songs.
The Clock Strikes 13
Thems Fightin' Words
Barbie the Barbarian
Kill Devil Hills
Flux Capacitor: It's What Makes Time Travel Possible
Carpe the Diem-Seize the Carp
Kansas City Shuffle