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Toronto MC/DJ More Or Les creates irreverent Hip Hop with funny, socially conscious rhymes & funky beats. With a critically successful debut album & innovative video under his belt, More Or Les is hard at work on his upcoming album Nuts-N-Gum & can be found busking around Toronto.


Born and raised in Scarborough, Ontario, Toronto emcee More Or Les combines irreverent rhymes with funk instrumentals and bombastic beats. According to Curbside Mag, “energetic, smooth, witty and comical are just some words that can be used to describe Les’ flow.”

More Or Les released an early edition of his debut album I only stop for the Red Ants in April, 2003. A special edition including his new video for A Little Too Much Weed and a remix of Comedy hit the streets February 18th, 2004. Notable for irreverent, socially conscious rhymes, Red Ants is rooted in the pure love of Hip Hop. It features production and scratching by Dorc & Vangel and live instrumentals by Flat Out.

More Or Les has toured the American east and west coast with the Perpetual Motion Road Show, appeared on the Code of the Cutz stage of the 2004 Vans Warped Tour, opened for American Midwest duo Eyedea & Abilities, toured Eastern Canada with SJ the Wordburglar, and performed on Much Music, BPM TV, The Second City, Salad Gold 9, Style In Progress, eat your friends magazine’s launch party, Careful Down, Urban Development, Special Delivery, Hive Magazine’s Pulp & Plastic, as well as the Canada Pavilion at the 2003 World Cycling Championships and the Canadian National Exhibition. Between indoor gigs, More Or Les takes Hip Hop to the street, busking around Toronto.

In 2004 More Or Les released his first video, A Little Too Much Weed with Soft Citizen. The video was screened at The NEXT Festival, honoring the year’s most innovative international videos. His music is featured on the videos Break & Enter by b-girl crew shebang!, TAG: A View Into MC Self-Titling by Alexis, as well as in The Producer, a short film by Courtney James.

As a DJ, More Or Les has been a featured guest of Much Vibe’s Xposed Tour, Get Up Get Down at Vancouver’s Tokyo Lounge, and events Milk and Hot Times in Toronto. He performed with Phatt Al in summer 2003 and spins every month at In Divine Style and Never Forgive Action.


LP:I only stop for the Red Ants - 2004
Album contains a music video and 16 tracks. Songs off the LP are also available on iTunes and other digital services.

More Or Les has also appeared on the following songs:

1) "Three in the Key (Killy G remix)" artist: SJ the Wordburglar, vinyl EP: "Wordburglar", 2005.

2) "Three" featuring N'didi Cascade, artist: Dragon Fli Empire, LP: "Invasion", 2005.

3) "Time and Space Remix" featuring N'didi Cascade Deanna, & Chi Turner, artist: Green TaRA, vinyl LP: "Music for a Mixed Nation", 2005.

4) "Beautiful Mutant" feat. 4th Pyramid, Chuggo, Vangel, Fritz Da Cat, & Ill Seer, artist: Mindbender, LP: "Beautiful Mutant", 2004.

More Or Les songs and interviews have been heard on:

"On the Strength" - CKLN 88.1 FM, Ryerson University, Toronto, 2005

"Constant Movement" - CIUT 89.5 FM, U of T Radio, Toronto, 2005

"No Apologies Necessary" CFRO 102.7FM, Co-Op Radio, Vancouver, 2005

"Best Kept Secret" - CHRY 105.5 FM, York University Radio, Toronto, 2004

"Expansions" - CIUT 89.5 FM, U of T Radio, Toronto, 2004

"Circle Research" - CKLN 88.1 FM, Ryerson University, Toronto, 2004

"Styles" CKCU 93.1, Carleton Radio, 2003

Set List

1) LEStalk
2) A Little Too Much Weed
3) Seriously!
4) Eat Your Food
5) Curry Chicken & Rice
6) Out His Brain
7) UnderWater
9) Water
10) freestyles!!