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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Monk's Picks: Moresight "Moresight""

These Atlanta boys arrive at the party with a concrete first release. The ride begins with the high energy of "Faked Out (& Faked Back In)" then nails across a few more chords on their way to the garage blues of "Gentlemen" and onto the psychedelic "A Song for the Girl…" Moresight's music is anything but dull. Changes in pace and vocal ranges keep you on your toes and make it a bit of a white-knuckle ride, coupled with pounding rhythms and a few uneven beats to make sure you're paying attention. More than none, they're straightforward, package their music well and make great freaking music!
R.I.Y.L.: Fugazi meets Pavement at an Interpol show -


Just Like Having a Baby with No Name EP (2002)

Self-Titled (2005)

Songs for the Georgia Music Show (2007)


Feeling a bit camera shy



As the world's foremost MORESIGHT expert, I am often asked to describe the music of MORESIGHT.

MORESIGHT is a schizophrenic rock band, an experiment, an evolutionary process 11 years in the making. THIS is what happens when certain people spend their lives together in a state of COLLABORATION...

Moresight started as a 3 piece, in the womb, their sound being a somewhat muffled concoction of swishing amniotic fluid and heartbeats. Several years later, after they got born, they moved to Atlanta.

They met a guy named Matt Forsee, who can play a horn for 7 minutes straight without breathing. They hired him to play the bass.

The band has just finished recording a new record at their EAST ATLANTA home/studio. It is hand packaged with art by BRANDON MORRISON [IBLET], and is currently being sold at shows & CRIMINAL RECORDS. The band is seeking further recording/touring opportunities in '007.

People always ask me "Horace, where did MORESIGHT get their name?" I have researched this matter extensively. It seems the word MORESIGHT was coined by rapper PRINCE PO, of early-90s hip-hop duo ORGANIZED KONFUSION, in their opus: "Releasing Hypnotical Gasses". The line is as follows: "INSIGHT, FORESIGHT, MORESIGHT, the clock on the wall reads a quarter past MIDNIGHT". That is all I know. Perhaps the boys were into rap back then. Adieu!

--Horace P. Boulder