More Than Dust

More Than Dust


Riff-driven, groove-laden metal with brutal vocals inspired by the likes of Machine Head, Hatebreed, Sepultura and Living Sacrifice and backed up by a killer, high-energy, aggressive show that'll leave you breathless, begging for mercy and more at the same time!


More than Dust are a metal band - it's as simple as that. With influences ranging from the old school riffs of Sepultura and Machine Head to the angrier, faster Killswitch and Hatebreed, MTD know what makes good, straight-down-the-line metal, but they also rail agains social injustice, corruption and apathy through their brutal, riff-driven, groove-laden.

Lead singer Josh thrills and terrifies audiences with his imposing stage presence. His high octane energy combined with solid support from a very tight band guarantees an awesome performance every time. Thrivezine reviewer Vickie Simmons called it "a fierce example of how metal is done properly".

Formed by Brighton-born guitarist Alex in 2004, and with bassist Liddy and drummer Rafael now part of the permanent lineup, MTD have graced stages alongside big name bands Romeo Must Die, Interlock and Silent Descent. For their 1st show, they opened London's hardcore and metal festival, Destruction Fest, in 2006 and are being welcomed back in October this year. MTD recorded their demo EP early this year and are taking their no holds barred show on tour in the US this summer.

Until that day.....

More Than Dust - because the world still needs proper metal.


2009 - EP - A Thousand Words Unspoken

Set List

Typical set lasts between 30-45 mins and is likely to look something like the list below:

- Wearing the Scars
- No Return
- A Thousand Words Unspoken
- Reborn
- Strength
- Live For This
- Arise
- Survival Tactic