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More Than Lights

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Like my bass player hunnicutt said "If R&B had sex with Soul and they had a baby that went on to get funk-defied by Funk music thusly creating another baby, AND THEN THAT baby started to rap... that's More Than Lights." Can't say more than that....


More Than Lights is a band of musicians, vocalists, and emcees that can rock anyone's taste buds. Although the forefront of the band is rooted in legendary local Hip-Hop (New MC & Unicus of Kanser- interlock records), elements of Soul/R&B, Neo-Funk, Reggae, Rock, and Blues are provided by the beautiful & talented vocalist, Natalie Fine ( and the steady rhythm section of Corey Hess (percussion), Christopher Hunnicutt (bass), Matiu Unga (guitar), and Seth Tate (keyboards). The versatility that Hip-Hop demands has allowed the band to gain a fan base that stretches beyond genres or scenes.
M.T.L. has been demonstrating this versatility around the Midwest for many years while sharing the stage with such national acts as Lyrics Born, The Black Eyed Peas, Brother Ali, Heiruspecs, Carnage, and a lot of the many talented musicians that make up the local Twin Cities music scene


More Than Lights is currently working on an album that should be out by early 2009. You can hear our music on can also catch us on the Current 89.3 Fm.

Set List

Our set list consist of song originally done by Unicus&Zach of Kanser. "Pieces of the Puzzle"& "Love arrows" from Kanser's 2005 "Selftitled" release "Legacy,Pleseant" from Kanser's 2008"Future Retro Legacy" release. "Everywhere we go" "Eyes of a lady" "Rudys song" we usually do 40 mins to an hour set we've also done two 45 min sets. we've covered Jackson 5s "Give me one more chance" Lauryn Hill, joss stone, and many more.