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more then i


"With the over abundance of extremely radio-friendly songs like "Come On Down", "Last Night" and my personal favorite, "Take It All Away", it won't be long before we all murmur those infamous words, 'I knew those guys when...'" Peter Kakouritis, Aquarian Weekly, 1/26/05


“Vibrant visual lyrics, artistic arrangements and catchy hooks…”

It hasn’t taken long for More Then I to capture the attention of the New Jersey tri-state scene. They have gathered support from fans and radio while grinding it out on the road from D.C. to Boston with one of the hottest live shows around. "I want to be a roadie for More Then I…" screamed B98.5 DJ Chris Brown, during the Pulse Music Festival. Lead vocalist Marc Goldberg describes the 98.5 WBBO affair as “A great collection of the best bands from the Jersey Shore.”

“…swing by one of their shows. I think you'd be surprised…“

More Then I thrives on the road. “Nothing beats that bond you make with the audience, it’s what we live for,” notes drummer Dan Scott. While steadily building a fan base at key rock venues like The Stone Pony, Abilene's and CBGB’s, they have become college favorites. Students from Penn State, Iona, Plattsburg and Monmouth Universities have become some of the bands most avid fans. Amid festival appearances loaded with top acts and while offering tour support to The Marshall Tucker Band, O.A.R., Von Bondies & Josh Todd Of BuckCherry, the band has sold hundreds of T-shirts & CDs.

“…This CD is truly one work of art unlike any other…”

During the summer of 2002 the band entered the studio with engineer Don Sternecker (Peter Gabriel, Blues Traveler) and began work on their debut album, “U”. “Don was a great resource for us while recording U,” remembers lead guitarist Tim Quick “his experience helped us build the recordings we had in our heads.” Released in October of that same year, “U” received critical acclaim in such publications as The Aquarian, and and radio airplay on such stations as Jersey’s Own Rock Radio 105.5 WDHA (Cedar Grove, NJ), The Jersey Shore’s Top 40 Station 98.5 WBBO (Manahawkin, NJ) and regional college radio.

“…This New Jersey band plays an eclectic mix of
modern rock with shades of pop and emo.”

Constantly writing, the band entered BackPocket Studios (Sting, Stevie Wonder) and has churned out another monster release, “Change” released on November 26th, 2004. The new album is currently recieving rave reviews across the North East as the band is preparing for heavy touring through the summer of '05. Bassist Greg Manderski is keyed up for the summer shows, “We’ve been doing a handful of local shows for the winter testing out the new album and the fans are already singing along.”



Written By: Quick

“Get your head out of the clouds” you say.
“Get back down on level ground.
Wipe that grin off your face boy and make me proud.”
So I say, "I don't want to find myself here, 20 years down the road.
With nothing to show but dreams that aren’t my own.”

You wanted me to be all you never could

I'm on my way to better days and finding felicity
And I’ll find honesty is where I’ll be complete

All your words of anger they get pushed my way,
Reminding me of all that I will never aspire to be.
All your feelings of guilt that you toss on me,
Oh they may weigh me down but they won't change anything.

Come On Down

Written By: Goldberg, Quick, Scott

Won’t you discover lower on my body
Tie back your hair be a good girl now
Only one motion I notion will calm me
Won’t you come on down won’t you come on down

Oh Girl
Can’t you see the love in my eyes
So long I’ve waited

Won’t you discover lower on my body
Tie back your hair make me so proud
To say my girl makes love like nobody
Won’t you come on down won’t you come on down

Oh Girl
Can’t you see the love in my eyes
So long I’ve waited oh won’t you come down
It’s you alone I want to show me what making love is all about
I’m here for the taking. On your mark ready set go.

And I feel the weight on my shoulders gone
As I feel the two of us become one
And I feel the warmth of your tongue
As I see the clouds give way to reveal the sun

Oh Girl
I can see the love in your eyes
So long I waited for you to come down
Now I know your love has grown into something more than my fantasy
Keep going baby… I’m almost ready to oh

So you’ve come on down make me come

Take It All Away

Written By: Quick

White flag hanging so high
The sign of our goodbyes
Stumbling past our reasons why
Surrendering so casually
Everything that we could be
Everything we’ve seen

This may happen today
But this won’t happen again

Take it all away from me
Baby won’t you set me free
Please just let me be
Take it all away from me
Leave me be
Take it away from me

We’ve fallen behind the punchline
With all of me seething
Never listening
And the tick tock of all that we’ve lost
We found out just what it cost

Never felt so weak
Never been in this deep
Head spinnin’ I can barely see
I feel like I can’t breathe


-"Change", Sophomore album, release date 11/26/04
-"Felicity"-College Radio Single, Summer 2004
-"Felicity", "Change", "You And Me Always"-Downloadable/Streamable Singles on
-"CDBaby Top Sellers CD"-Fall 2003, Featuring "Tonight"
-"SignalFading Dot Compilation CD"-Summer 2003, Featuring "Tonight"
-"U"-Debut album, 2002

Set List

On Top
You And Me Always
Come On Down
Take It All Away
What I Am
Last Night
varying cover tune
Wake Up