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"Morgan Bernard CD Release Party"

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"Morgan Bernard"

Imagine knowing what you want to do at age 10 and totally going for it. That’s exactly what singer/songwriter Morgan Bernard did. After getting a taste for piano in first grade, then moving on to guitar a little while later, she decided to begin a serious singing career. And she has taken off! Morgan has already released 2 title CD’s and a 6-title EP (Give it All)

Being that I’m a 30-something year old who still dreams about what she wants to be when she grows up, I had to find out what makes this 14 year old prodigy tick. So maybe, you know, she could give me some “how to be a grown-up and know what you want” advice…

Age: 14

Always has: Loved music

Proudest of: Own 12 track full CD

Is thankful for: My supportive parents

Wants to: Become a internationally famous rock star

Is afraid of: Bugs… any kind of bugs

Believes everyone should: Be themselves.

Is embarrassed by: My best friends

My style is: Rock’n'roll

Pet peeve: When people hum on songs

So you were VERY motivated at a very young age. Are you just that passionate about music or does it carry over into other aspects of your life? My parents, especially my dad always loved music and it was their life and I was kind of raised on it. I think that music is the best way to communicate a message.

Your life seems so crazy-busy. How do you, Morgan Bernard, teen phenom, so easily manage your career, school, social life? It gets a bit out of hand sometimes but I always do my best work under pressure so I guess it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t have so much to do. I like to do a lot of things at once, but my music has never affected my school life and I’ve always been a straight “A” student and still have time to hang out with my friends.

What is your favorite venue to play? I love Skippers because its just a really old wooden place and has famous to local artist playing there and I enjoy there Rockabilly Ruckus event they have every year that I was actually a part of last year. I also like the Orpheum in Ybor City which is where I’m having my CD release event on December 7th.

Who is your favorite musician? How do they inspire you? My favorite musician is definitely Lady Gaga. Her messages in her music and how she’s original and no one is like her is really inspiring.

If I raided your closet, what would I find the most of? EVERYTHING! Shoes, jeans, dresses,etc. I classify myself as a clothes hoarder. I own more than 30 pair of jeans.

Do you have any siblings? If so, what is your relationship with them? I actually have 4 siblings (2 brothers and 2 sisters) that are all older than 25 they live in France. I love my siblings so much and they’re kind of like best friends to me but I don’t get to see them that often.

You’re currently working on your first full-length album. When can we expect the release? You can buy it now but the official release of “Give it All” is on December 7 at the Orpheum. There’s a little bit of everything so everyone will find a song they like, it goes anywhere from rockabilly to Lady Gaga style pop.

Check out song downloads and tour info on

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~Lisa, Music Editor

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"Pop Sensation Morgan Bernard’s Campaign to Stop Bullying"

Fourteen-year old international pop star, Morgan Bernard, is ready to ‘shame’ people about bullying.

Bullying has reached epidemic proportions with almost one in four kids saying that they are a victim of bullying. Cyber bullying, verbal bullying and bullying at school can damage and ruin the lives of kids and unfortunately some kids have made the unthinkable choice and taken their own lives.

Morgan’s song, ‘Shame’, is found on her new CD ‘Give It All’, and has inspired a new movement to help to end bullying. ‘Shame’ was written about bullying and the upcoming video project for the song has become an awareness project to stop the hurtful acts of bullying.

To learn more about the ‘Shame’ video project, please visit, HERE!
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"A girl, a guitar, a rising star"

The first thing you notice about Morgan Bernard is not the studded boots, it’s not that she’s an adorably cute young woman, it’s not the driving rock ’n roll rhythm laid down by her band just before she takes the stage, it’s not even her boundless talent. What you’ll first notice about Bernard happens before she even straps on her electric guitar and walks up to her center stage microphone. What you’ll notice, what everyone immediately noticed during her CD release party at the Orpheum in Ybor City on Friday night, was her presence. In the seconds it took to walk across the stage, grab her guitar and start singing, she made her presence known. Morgan Bernard has “It”; the mysterious, inexplicable, yet entirely recognizable feature of someone who is going to go places few people will reach. Bernard, a girl from Gibsonton, is destined to be a star.

Bernard and her band rocked the Orpheum on Friday night as part of a performance for the release of her new CD entitled “Give It All.” By Sunday, she was rocking out in a theater in Nashville, Tennessee. Her presence, her talent, her music are taking her places and that is not mere happenstance. She decided at the age of 10 what she wanted to do. Now, at only 14, it is already coming to fruition. At an age when many of her peers still struggle to avoid putting their clothes on inside out, Bernard is fronting a rock band. Only 14 years old and she looks equally at home with her guitar on stage as she does running around laughing, pre-show, with her friends and Nathalie, her band’s young drummer — doing all the things teenage girls do. But when she gets on stage, the teenage girl becomes a serious musician. She literally takes the stage and owns it.

Bernard is no Mouseketeer. She is a rock ’n roller through and through. But unlike the tragic handful of notable young people who went from wearing mouse ears to stardom to rehab, Morgan Bernard is a straight A high school student who appears to have avoided self-absorption and values her friends and family as much or more as she values her growing stardom. She occasionally misses school for shows or interviews, but she is smart and is motivated to succeed in everything she does.

“My motto for anyone trying to get to a goal, whether it is a young person trying to be a musician or anything else, just give it all and never give up,” Bernard said.

That motto became the title of her first album.

Bernard is also giving it all for a good cause. She has joined an anti-bullying effort and one song, entitled “Shame,” on her new CD, along with a music video, is dedicated to that cause. It’s no small effort. Increasingly, bullying is reaching tragic new lows for victimized young people. It is even claiming lives.

“The song started out as just one person getting bullied and finding her confidence to stand up for herself,” Bernard said. “But the song gained more meaning when my actual friends told me their own stories about bullying and I realized it was a bigger problem than I thought. Now I’m trying to work to get to the solution to this problem.”

Her talents range across multiple instruments, with her voice and guitar-playing headlining her act. Her musical inspirations range from AC/DC to Lady Gaga and Elvis, a wide range of musical styles that are reflected in her wide-ranging abilities. She also acts and has appeared as an extra on the locally produced, award-winning family television series, Dry Creek.

Her Facebook page lists her as a self-employed entertainer. Her musician page, already with thousands of fans, is rapidly growing. Brimming with talent and possessing the presence of a star, there is little doubt Bernard will go around and to the very top of the world. But there is also little doubt that this young girl from Gibsonton will never forget where her home is. In a mere 14 years of life, Morgan Bernard has not only figured out what she wanted to do, she is already making it happen — by giving it her all.

For more information, visit her website at or her Facebook page at She is also on the musician’s website, ReverbNation at and on YouTube at

To find out more or to contribute to her anti-bullying effort, visit

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"Give It All" - Morgan Bernard (Available on Itunes, CD Baby and



Someone forgot to tell 15 year old Morgan Bernard that she should be a typical high school freshman – studying for exams, hanging out with friends and going to school dances. Instead, Morgan spends her time after school playing concerts, writing songs, going to interviews and performing on TV shows, and living the life of a typical rock star!

Morgan has always been one who stood out from the crowd. Her parents, Alain, a world-renown custom motorcycle designer and builder who’s featured on the Discovery TV Show “Café Racer” and Christine were born and raised in France and moved to the Tampa area shortly before Morgan was born. Alain and Christine realized at an early age that Morgan had a special musical talent. She started playing piano at age 6, guitar at age 8 and began singing and performing on stage by the age of 10.

Morgan’s stage show is an eclectic blend of straight ahead rock, hook-laden pop rock originals with some fun rockabilly thrown in for good measure. You can hear her diverse influences from Lady Gaga and AC/DC to Brian Setzer and Elvis in every song she sings. Morgan and her band also cover a number of classic rock songs, including an amazing version of Steppenwolf’s “Born to be Wild” which she has totally made her own.

The highlight of her show is an infectious original song, co-written with Nashville songwriter Jesi Kettering, called “Shame” which is an anti-bullying anthem. Morgan feels so strongly about bullying that she has turned “Shame” into a music video that she hopes will inspire others to stand up to bullies. The “Shame” video will be available on her website ( in early 2013.

It was at one of her performances at the famed Wednesday night Jam at Gaspar Grotto Bar in Ybor City where Morgan met Mike Pachelli, the world renown guitarist and producer. Pachelli immediately saw the enormous talent in the young Morgan and invited her to record in Nashville. The resulting collaboration is her debut CD, “Give It All”.

Morgan and her band continue to play all over the Southeast and are currently booking a European tour that is scheduled to kick off in late June, 2013. In the meantime, her days are spent attending high school (where she’s a straight A student) and her nights and weekends are dedicated to her one true love – music!