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"Nashville's Finest"

When I first listened to Morgan Bracy I was most struck by the quality of her voice. Morgan has such control over her vocal sound you feel she is capable of doing anything with her voice. However, like many great singers such as Sarah McClachlan or Mindy Smith, Bracy has a way of keeping her voice reserved and calm…only to let it explode when she needs that extra push to send a song over the top.

It’s no wonder that Morgan Bracy has received her share of accolades over the years. In 2000 Morgan was a finalist in Ed McMahon’s Next Big Star National Online Competition. In 2002 she became a finalist in Embassy Music’s 7th Annual Songwriter Competition. This past year Morgan was chosen as a finalist in the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival in Texas; joining the ranks of past finalists Lyle Lovett, Lucinda Williams, and many others.

One of my favorite songs off Bracy’s 2007 release Dirty Laundry is her song ‘Hang On’. The production value alone on this track is worth mentioning. Bracy has assembled a cast of uber-talented musicians to flush out her pop sound. In particular, I feel that the guitar player and drummer are worth special note on this track. The song also has a beautiful message of pain and struggle without being mushy or preachy.

Not only is Morgan a singer who can deliver a strong vocal, she is also a writer who is not afraid to be vulnerable and honest in her lyrics. Morgan has candidly said about herself, “I’m just a regular girl who’s been through some really tough times. Still, I’m determined to make the most of them and appeal to people with struggles by providing an outlet for their pent-up frustration and their joy through song.”

It’s clear Bracy has been influenced by such some great artists like Leigh Nash, Damien Rice and KT Tunstall. However, Morgan Bracy has a sound all her own and is certainly an artist worth watching.


"Dirty Laundry, A Special Disc"

Above average singer-songwriter album from the Music City studios

A Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Tennessee-born Morgan Bracy is a 2006 finalist in the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival. Listening to this debut album you can see why she joined the ranks of previous finalists Lyle Lovett, Nanci Griffith, Lucinda Williams, among others. She really is a talented songwriter, with some great material here, mostly of it co-written with Jeff Lockerman, who also plays guitar and provides backing vocals. Morgan writes melodic songs with catchy hooks that lyrically deal with feminine issues. Fake Normal is a powerful break-up song, the kind that would suit Faith Hill, with insistent mandolin to the fore and a heartfelt vocal performance. Mailbox is a stunning ballad, what might have been referred to in the old days as a weepie. With just atmospheric acoustic guitar, this really cuts direct to your heart and soul.
Find Myself is another acoustic ballad, with a heart-rending vocal. You Don’t Love Me gets electric and bluesy; some very nice organ and electric guitar doodling on this track for some great background. There’s some of the lesser-known—but superbly talented—Nashville pickers including Chris Leuzinger who plays most of the guitar parts, Larry Paxton (bass), Johnny Willis (12-string, mandolin), Preston Lane (drums), Johnny Bellar (Dobro) and Jeremy Flick (bass) plus several more players that I have left out, but just a stellar bunch of Nashville musicians. To recap: Morgan Bracy has written a great selection of songs here, her vocals are expressive, engaging and soulful and I think along with her group of players has created a rather special disc. AC
- Maverick Magazine

"DISCovery Award"

Bracy is an MTSU alumna who displays admirable individuality on her debut CD. Its title tune is a gently sung meditation set in a simply exquisite track with swirling dobro and acoustic guitar notes. Folk for modern ears. She co-wrote all 10 tunes, and they mark the start of what I hope will be a brilliant career.'

Robert Oermann - Music Row Publications


End of Cinderella
When the Spell is Broken
The Looking Glass
In Between
Fake Normal
Dirty Laundry
Hang On
Find Myself
Save Me
Fake Normal
You Don't Love Me
Whispered Prayer



Inspiration for some artists is difficult to come by, but for Morgan Bracy, inspiration comes with life; in fact, it is life. Pain, joy, love, blessings, and tragedy weave together to tell her story, thus far. It’s a tale not unlike other great artists, poets, and storytellers, which lends itself to heartfelt and thought-provoking art. Her music has been called folk pop, smart pop with a hint of country, but the one constant, transcending genre description, is it’s expressive nature. It’s clear when listening to Morgan Bracy sing her crafted songs that every word has been lived and felt.
Bracy’s influences include Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan, Jewel, Stevie Nicks, Eva Cassidy, Patty Griffin, Mindy Smith, Over the Rhine, Damien Rice, Shawn Colvin, and Tracy Chapman, among others. Like these artists, Bracy’s vocals and lyrics are especially emotional and explore her creativity. She has been compared to the likes of Emmylou Harris, Minnie Riperton, and Stevie Nicks. This East Tennessee native made the trek to Nashville, TN, to hone her writing and communication craft and to pursue her love of creating and performing music. Since 2002, she has been performing at clubs, coffee houses and other venues, writing, and recording in Music City.
Her debut album, Dirty Laundry, was released in 2007 before a loving crowd at the Bluebird Café. Music Row Publication’s Robert Oermann said of Dirty Laundry, “Folk for modern ears. She co-wrote all 10 tunes, and they mark the start of what I hope will be a brilliant career.” The album has received other nods from Britain’s Maverick Magazine,, and news fans across the country.
Currently, Bracy, along with Grammy-nominated producer/engineer John Merchant, is immersed in the creation of a new project, the sound of which is large with orchestral interludes and rich with inspiring lyrics. The CD is somewhat of a soundtrack, as the songs paint a movie with snippets of love, dreams, and life to create a complete, cohesive album.
“Life’s a different story than the one you’ve been told,” says Bracy. Though the album is reminiscent of not-so-perfect lives, it still possesses a beautiful, whimsical quality.
Bracy’s continued development of musical talent has warranted deserved attention. This year, she won First Place in the Indie International Songwriting Contest or her song "She Believes". She was a finalist in the 2002 Embassy Music’s 7th Annual Songwriter Competition, and her video, “Lift” was chosen for Interlinc’s nationally distributed youth DVD in the same year. Bracy was the only independent artist selected. She was selected as a finalist for the prestigious Kerrville Folk Festival New Folk Competition in 2006. The following year, her tune “Hang On” was placed on Pop Novella’s Five Minute Thought Grenade Video. This year, Morgan won FIRST place in the Indie International Songwriting Contest in the Folk/Acoustic category for her song "She Believes".
Morgan Bracy is extremely attached to her work. What she believes sets her apart from other musicians is, “My voice attached to the lyrics in my songs. They are both pretty vulnerable and honest - not slick and sugar coated.” Bracy’s career goals are to make a living from her music, and to empathize with her audience. She hopes that her work will be therapeutic and show people going through hard times that they are not alone in the world.
In the words of, "Not only is Morgan a singer who can deliver a strong vocal, she is also a writer who is not afraid to be vulnerable and honest in her lyrics...Morgan Bracy has a sound all her own and is certainly an artist worth watching."
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