Morgan David

Morgan David

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Smooth chilled out sound with a Leonard Cohen style baritone voice, all with a subtle psychedelic edge.


Morgan David got started in Techno during the late 90's, producing tracks with other Toronto DJ's. After years of knob twiddling as the electronic music wiz for Montreal's violin prodigy Dr Draw, and Toronto's Gavin Bradley, Morgan began writing and singing his own songs.

Like a true innovator he's put it all together to create a refreshingly original sound. That by itself is rare.

The really surprising part, however, is that his sound has struck a real nerve with a young, edgy predominately female audience, who by all statistical calculations should be listening to the latest EMO band.

Go Figure!

Come to a show or check his myspace on any given day you'll see what we mean!

As Ivana Santilli remarked on his page " Cool Lyrics! Finally something Different!"

Only having starting gigging in September 2006, it didn't take long for him to make his mark. Morgan made a huge splash in Toronto at Nuit Blanche at the Drake Sept 30/06, with a live performance on top of the building which was combined with visuals by Christian Skjodt, projected on massive screen broadcasting out to Queen St.

In the meantime Morgan has played a steady diet of shows across the GTA and surrounding areas and is working on his debut album to be
released this spring.

Entrepreneur and pop culture aficionado Steven "Sal"Debus of Modrobes fame predicts "Morgan David's Marigolds in Ashes is a HIT SONG !"

Every now and again, an artist comes completely out of nowhere and stuns the experts with a new fresh sound nobody saw coming.

Place your bets on Morgan David.


Billy Have Courage (Until the Night is Done)

Written By: Morgan David

Billy ran the party scene,
back in '98
He booked the DJ's from Chicago,
New York and the UK.

The Summer's almost over now,
one night the kids don't come.
And he owes a lot of dollars now,
to the men who own the club.

It can keep you from sleepin'.
When your almost gone.

Billy have courage until the night is done.
Livin' can make you uneasy.
Until this bottle is empty and the sun comes up, you know that I'm not leavin.


And when morning breaks
and we're still here
And we raise a cup
To wash away our fear.
Now you need a friend
That you never dreamt of needin
I'm with you to the end
You know that I'm not leaving.


In Studio recording debut album

Demo versions available from either or www.myspace/morgandavidmusic

Set List

1 hour set is optimum
No covers