Portland indie darling and award winning songwriter Morgan Grace brings a charming mix of sweetness and hostility to each performance.


"I was raised in a small town by two crazy alcoholics who one day took a break from beating the crap out of each other just long enough to buy me a nylon stringed acoustic guitar. I was 12. A year or so later I convinced my mom to pay for classical lessons and eventually I got an electric guitar too. I played a lot with my brother who had just gotten a drum kit and when I was 14 we played in a band with two other kids in front of our entire high school. When I was 15 I started trying out my super twisted songwriting on friends. I remember grabbing my acoustic saying "hey listen to this!" and I'd sing a song about killing my date on prom night for fresh blood. Pretty much all of the songs I wrote as a teenager were meant to be funny and to entertain. Over the years I think I've gradually become more comfortable with expressing my *ahem* feelings, but lyrics even now that aren't meant to be funny are still pretty dark, a theme that just suites me I suppose."

That was written to accompany Morgan Grace's first demo tape and, however much has changed in the past decade (a degree in classical guitar from Portland State, a flirtation with unadulterated rawk, first prize in the American Idol Underground competition), the spirit behind those words and her music, a restless garage melancholia, still endures.

Shortly after the release of her first, mostly-solo full-length release The Rules Of Dating in 2003, Grace put together a trio comprised of drummer Sam Henry (legendary punk drummer for underground icons The Wipers and Napalm Beach) and a succession of bassists that continuously performed around the northwest. Her second album, 2005's The Sound Of Something Breaking, was much more a full band project. She also sang the part of Exene Cervenka for two years in X Tribute band Gimme an X!, spent nine months on lead guitar with girl-rockers Kleveland, and was the subject of a documentary short.

In 2006, upon a whim, Grace entered the title track of her first record in the American Idol Underground competition and took first place in the pop category along with recording equipment and a five figure cash prize. The resulting windfall not only allowed Grace to properly release The Rules Of Dating (on her own Lady Lush Records) but to record and produce her third album, Valentine, entirely by herself (save one drumming track from Henry) without compromise or departure from that initial, singular vision.

Most recently Grace was named Best New Artist at the Portland Music Awards, and received an Honorable Mention from the BIllboard Song Contest for "Valentine". Her music has been featured on NPR's Second Stage program, and placed on Mtv, E! Network, AMC, and VH1. Her songs have been recorded by punk band The Decliners, and songwriter/producer Rob Daiker. In 2008 she was invited to New York to perform at the Williamsburg Live Songwriter Competition. She is scheduled to appear at the CMJ Music Marathon 2009.



Written By: Morgan Grace

He was gonna be my Valentine
He was gonna be mine

Though recently a free man
He said I was the game plan
I knew that he'd be my guy

He kissed me like he meant to
And everywhere we went
Together I knew just why

If he were the direction
I'd go without exception
I knew from the first day in

But a problem was invented
And finally cemented
The day that he said this thing

He said his heart had lost its tempo
And rendered him a no-show
In Love and related things

It's been so totally confusing
I'm currently abusing
Pills and cold medicine

But it doesn't help me

You're Gonna Ruin My Life

Written By: Morgan Grace

You're gonna ruin my life I know
I had a good thing going
Never ever letting too much show
I had a good time blowing my days away
Now I know you're gonna ruin my life

You're gonna sweeten me up
You're gonna warm this bitter cold
Thats been taking up a residence in me so long I told you so
Now I know you're gonna ruin my life

You're gonna sweeten me up
You're gonna be the death of me
to be safe and sure but close to you
Is where I belong I can't break free
Now I know you're gonna ruin my life


Written By: Morgan Grace

Baby, I think its time
That you found out about this love of mine
and Baby, it hurts so good
When he's not saying things to me he should be
The reason I'm so broken-hearted is that he keeps leaving just when I'm getting started

But Baby, it's all right
'Cause I'll be seeing him tomorrow night
and maybe baby he'll be talking sweet
But to another girl he sees before he meets me
The reason I just can't stop crying is when I start loving thats when he starts goodbye-ing


2008 - Valentine EP
2007 - The Rules of Dating reissue w/ bonus tracks (Lady Lush Records)
2005 - The Sound of Something Breaking (Lady Lush Records)
2003 - The Rules of Dating (Lady Lush Records)
2000 - Going Down to the Carnival demo (Lady Lush Records)

2009 - Deeproots 12
2008 - DeepRoots 11
2006 - Jukebox Year Book
2006 - We Made This (Portland Collective)
2006 - Failing Records Compilation Vol II (Failing Records)
2004 - Lights Camera Refraction Compilation (Olympian Shadow Farm)
1998 - MASS (Hush Records)
1998 - More (Hush Records)

2008 - James Low - Blackguard's Waltz
2005 - Amoree Lovell - Six Sadistic Songs for Children (Self released)
2003 - Reclinerland - Ideal Home Music Library (HUSH Records)

Set List

I can tailor a set to suit the event and venue from solo acoustic to lo-fi electric to loud rock trio. We can play 1-3 sets of 45 minutes each.