Morgann McClanahan

Morgann McClanahan

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

Like Brandon Heath, Warren Barfield, Jimmy Needham or Natasha Bedingfield? You'll dig Morgann McClanahan.

With over 10 years experience, Morgann is a perfect candidate for your:
-Civic Event
-Women's Conference
-Worship Service
-Youth Rally
Perform both full band and acoustic gigs


Christian message. Rock N' Roll Conviction. Pop Marketability.

Tastefully blend these ingredients with a flavorful combo of crafty songwriting and natural musicianship, and chances are, you'll cook up an eclectic artist like 24 year old Morgann McClanahan.

The only daughter of a Virginia coal miner, Morgann grew up saturated by the sounds of church music, yet fascinated by artistic elements of superstars like Amy Grant, Sheryl Crow and Alanis Morrisette. At the age of 10, she began to pick up a pen to write songs; two albums, a GMA "Music In The Rockies" win and countless compositions later, the result is still uniquely audible.

Evidenced by her new album 'I Like It', Morgann fuses the soulful sound of her roots with catchy pop-friendly melodic and lyrical hooks, topped off by a powerful vocal prowess that's compelling enough to catch listeners' attention in the Christian community and beyond.

Whether you're booking a small church, large auditorium or anything in between, there's no doubt that Morgann can satisfy your hunger for great music.


I Like It

Written By: Words & Music by Morgann McClanahan

I used to make big plans, then try to push them off on You
I used to micromanage everything that You would do
Till one day I said, “have it Your way,” and You broke the rules,
But I liked it…

You’re unconventional, You don’t fit neatly in a box
You make a habit of defying chains and breaking locks
So when it’s said and done, all I can say is “Who, but God?”
And I like it
Yeah, I like it

Oh, I like it how You blow my mind
Oh, You work for my good every time
Oh, Don’t get Your reason or Your rhyme,
But when You’re in control, all that I know—
Is I like it

I like the sweet release that comes from learning to let go
One giant step of faith that ventures from my comfort zone
Is such a small price to pay for perfect peace inside my soul,
And I like it
Yeah, I like it


How You do what You do
You are so faithful, how could I ever doubt it?
All I know now is I trust You—
Tell me what’s not to like about it? What’s not to like about it?


Yeah, I like it
Mmm, that’s how I like it…

Ready To Run

Written By: Words & Music by Morgann McClanahan

Are you ready to set the captive free?
Are you ready to leave a legacy?
Are you ready to strike this world aflame?
Are you ready to burn in Jesus’ name?
I feel consuming fire rising up in me…

Oh, oh, I’m ready to run
Ready to take the nations by storm (Oh)
Oh, oh, I’m ready to run
Tell all the people there’s something more (Whoa)
Oh, oh I’m ready to run
Be salt to the earth and strength to the worn (Oh)
Oh, oh I’m ready to run
And go spread the news that Jesus is Lord

We’ve been sitting politely in our seats
We’ve been giving up way too easily
We’ve been watching as people that we love
Get defeated and slowly self-destruct
It’s time to raise the banner,
So let it begin with me


Yeah, I’m ready to set the captive free
Lord, I’m ready- so here I am, send me

CHORUS (build)


Oh, oh, I’m ready to run
Oh, oh, I’m ready to run

Another Day

Written By: Words & Music By Morgann McClanahan

Every day that I stumble,
Every day that I fall,
Days when I question if my good is good enough
For You to use me at all—
Every day that I backtrack,
Days when I can’t seem to learn
And feel so ashamed ‘cause I know I’m to blame
And I know what I deserve

That’s another day I’ve been given grace so amazing from You
No mistake can stop it
When Your love’s there to top it
That’s another day You keep showing each morning Your mercies are new
I live because You say
That tomorrow’s gonna be another day…

Days when I’m caught in the chaos,
And swear that I’m going insane
When my motivation gives in to frustration
And fear starts to get in the way
Then there’s days when I have good intentions,
But nothing is working out right—
I have a promise of hope for tomorrow
With every morning light (‘cause)


That the sun says I’m forgiven,
That the slate has been wiped clean
Another day that the cross is there to span the gap for me…


Each morning Your mercies are new
Tomorrow’s gonna be another day

I Have Called You

Written By: Words & Music by Morgann McClanahan

I know you’re tired of being alone
Setting up camp with no one in it
And I know you’re tired of working so hard
And being so strong, but you can’t show for it
I know your vision’s unclear,
You’re blind to why you’re even here [but]

I have called you, and I always have a plan
I will keep you when you cannot understand
I’ve engraved you on the palm of My hand,
I have called you

And I know you’ve got a blueprint for life,
But still you can’t find divine direction
You’ve searched and you’ve prayed for guidance and faith
But you’re coming up blank and you start to question
I know the fears that you face,
But I am God and I don’t make mistakes


To be the salt of the earth, the light in the dark
To open blind eyes and to mend broken hearts
And though the flames block your view when you walk through the fire,
I have ordered your steps, and My ways are higher


And I’ll fight for You when you feel like giving in
I won’t leave you when you’re on the losing end
Because I love you, yes, I love you,
I have called you

Because I love you,
Yes, I love you…
I have called you

The Door

Written By: Words & Music By Morgann McClanahan

Every minute of my time,
Every detail on my mind
Every plan that’s left to make
Every hindrance, every weight
Every problem I can’t solve,
Every brick that builds a wall

I lay it (down, all) at the door,
I’m laying in at the door
I’ve got too much here to praise You for,
I’m laying it at the door

For every time I rise and fall,
Or get a grip, then drop the ball
Find direction, lose my place
And fear starts creeping up on faith,
Through each battle, I’m still blessed
You have never failed me yet (when I)


You are The Door
The world would keep me from, but love leads to
I more than overcome If I just come through You…

So I lay it down at the door,
I lay it all at the door,
Go take my life and use it, Lord,
I’m laying at the door


At the door,
I lay it, I lay it at the door


"Another Day" - CRW Radio Promotions Fall 2010 (2010)

[I Like It] (2010)
Breakin' Out (2004)
Complete (2000)

Set List


Another Day
Faith Misunderstood
Fill Me Up
I Have Called You
I Like It
Keeping It Real
Lift My Hands
Ready To Run
The Door


Amazing Grace
Blessed Be Your Name
Great Is Thy Faithfulness
Here I Am To Worship
Holy Is The Lord (God Almighty)
How Great Is Our God
How He Loves
I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
I'll Be Watching You
In The Secret
Leaning On The Everlasting Arms
Rain Down
Trading My Sorrows
When I Think About The Lord
You Are God Alone (Not A God)
Your Love Is Everything