Morgan O'Kane

Morgan O'Kane

 New York City, New York, USA

After hearing Morgan's first full length release, "NINE LIVES" - your sorrows will be drowned, your spirits lifted and all your ideas of what it means to play a banjo, dismantled. RELEASE DATE MAY 4th, 2010


Morgan O'Kane is an exuberant and intensely talented musician from Charlottesville, VA. His distinct sound is an evolution of his work with "scum-billy" band Casa de Chihuahua and time spent playing underground in the NYC subway system.

In 2010 Morgan is emerging aboveground equipped with a suitcase, kick pedal, banjo, a sense of urgency and a debut full length recording, "Nine Lives".

From the mountaintop removal protests of W. Virginia - to the clubs of Williamsburg/Brooklyn - to the pubs of Belfast, through Holland and back again; these days O'Kane's soulful war cry can be heard for miles.

A capable one man band, Morgan is often accompanied around the globe by a cast of inspirational musicians including: FERD MOYSE IV (The Hackensaw Boys) on fiddle, EZEKIEL HEALY (The Boggs) on dobro, Banjo "ninja" PHIL ROEBUCK, singer/songwriter DOMINO KIRKE, ZACK ORION and cellists LAYLA MCAALL and BEN SOLLEE.


NINE LIVES release date MAY 4, 2010