Morgan Shaker

Morgan Shaker


Founding Memeber Whitehaus Family Record, Prolific Songwriting, Experimental arrangements, Sound Installation, Important folk songs that remind you of before you were born, Hot jams that you can slide down to, Time in the boat, Togetherness.


Morgan Shaker was raised in the Ocean on the shore of Cape Cod and grew up Listening to the waves crashing and the gulls howling. From the reel to reel tape recorder, he learned distance, from the church organ he learned patience, from the fishing boats bells he learned chances, from the stories of his family, he learned how to entertain. A typical Morgan Shaker show consists of introductions, invocations, and allusions, Songs drift in and out of the ether as vibrating sonic sculptures transform and trasnport the audience. Whether thundering through the damp pine woods or digging for truth from the piles and piles of human words left to the elements, Morgan Shaker combines chance, fidelity, and solid songwriting, to create a sonic experience like no other.


First US Release, "Salt EP" Whitehaus Family Record, July, 2007.
Second US Release, "Flat LP" Whitehaus Family Record Jan, 2008
Third US Release "Blaste'" Whitehaus Family Record, April 2008
Fourth US Release "Voila and Spelt Wheat Plus Zephyr", Whitehaus Family Record, November, 2008

Set List

Sawing - - Joe Bag Teaser- - Tape Sawing - - "Joe Bag" - - Chanting - - Live Tape Jam - - "Ice" - - "Teacher" - - Birds - - Tape Birds - - "Tumbledown" - - Small Speech - - "Fruit Salad" - - Hug Everyone - - "Hope I wasn't" - - "Flowertails" - - Joe Bag Tapes - - Sawing. Usually one 15 minute to one hour set. Often broken in to to distinct shapes or themes. Presented in a rapidly changing sonic collage format.