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For God And Country

Written By: Morgan Weeks

The time has come, got to go now no choice, I can already, hear my little baby's voice. Don't go, don't leave me here and mom alone.
Can't someone else go in your place this time please daddy stay here, underneath my bed is safe, I know I will be brave though don't understand why?

For God and country
Let not my effort bring pain
For God and country
Red and white flow through my veins (Red, White and Blue-US Ver.)
So many opinions about me
And some of them just don't make sense
When enemies rise to extinguish
I'm the last line of defence
For what I do, With pride you can't see
Is for God and country

Before we board, my wife embraces me, some hugs and kisses, and then she hesitates. I'll sacrifice with you, and here I'll wait. And while you're gone, I'll say a prayer for you, and wear red on Fridays, and if through tears of sorrow, I ask myself why?