What could you call a power trio that veers seamlessly between shredding peaks, jazzy moods and fat funky grooves? Morglbl, of course! Often compared to Primus meeting Steve Vai, Morglbl hits like a heavyweight jab and makes you laugh while you bleed! Morglbl ~ the punch you don't see coming!


Mörglbl, led by extraordinary guitarist Christophe Godin, gained international acclaim with the release of their first two CD's in 1998 and 1999, but it was "Grötesk" in 2007 which gained Mörglbl considerable renown in the US capped by their jaw dropping breakout performance at NEARfest that year.

In 2005 Godin was voted 5th best international guitarist by a magazine readers poll and is widely known as the best in France. When a student asked how he got to be so good, Godin joked it was because he crosses his eyes to watch each hand simultaneously. Later the poor kid came to him in tears after attempting this for weeks and failing!

Mörglbl is anchored by Ivan Rougny on Bass and Aurelien Ouzoulias on drums. Their music is a careening high-speed chase with amazingly tight turns and startlingly quick yet fluid starts, stops, and transitions. It's fusion with a metal edge and a whole lot of humor just to keep it sane. Once you've seen them live you'll know you've been Mörglbled!


Ze Mörglbl Trio - 1998
Bienvenue A Mörglbl Land - 1999
Grötesk - 2007
Jazz for the Deaf - release date: June 2, 2009!

Set List

Tapas Nocturne
Totale Bricole
The Toy Maker
Pekno Tekno Boy
Buffet Froid
Lieutenant Colombin
The Principles of Life
Scipagnoleg Et Bombola
Fevrier Afghan
Haute Voltige en Haute-Volta
The Tale of Thibault
The 70's
Dance of the Fat Boy
Nancy and Joe
Le Fantome de Sevoie
Le Mechanismes du Temps
L'ami Deglingo

Covers ranging from the bluesy Little Wing to hard rocking Highway to Hell to various Zappa are added as the audience and venue desire. Mörglbl is fully prepared to deliver two 75 minute sets.